10 Things SEO Experts Won’t Tell You (But You Still Need To Know)


Let’s do this David Letterman style…

10) Getting a large amount of backlinks doesn’t matter

Backlinking is about quality not quantity. Each website is given a PageRank (PR) from 0 to 10 which determines the importance of your site. Backlinks from higher ranked website carry more value. So getting a 25 links from a website with a PR of 0 or 1 will not carry as much weight as getting 1 link from a website with 6 or 7.

9) SEO is not something you do to the website

SEO is a process that involves more than adding meta tags to your website. There are on page SEO strategies and off page strategies both should be part of your overall marketing plan.

8) Your analytics can tell you a lot about SEO

Having Google Analytics on your website is the first step toward understanding how well your site is maximizing SEO strategies. The numbers don’t lie they will tell you exactly what you are doing well and how your traffic is responding to your efforts.

7) There are free ways to drive traffic to your website

Since SEO is more than something you “do” to your website you can use additional methods to drive traffic to your website. For example; repurpose the content you’re creating and posting on your blog to get other people to send you free website traffic.

6) Everybody wants fresh content and you should too

Your SEO expert may provide you with strategies around tweaking your website for the search engines. However the best thing you can do to get the search engines attention is create fresh content. Its no secret, creating consistent blog post at least once a week provides more content for your visitors and search engines.

5) Why you need to understand your keywords too

Your SEO expert may do keyword research for you however it’s important for you to be part of that process. Using the right keywords on your website will tell Google which traffic to send you. Your target audience is searching Google every day using specific keywords to answer their burning questions.

4) They can’t guarantee results because Google controls everything

Your SEO expert may tell you they can guarantee certain results however the fact is they can’t. Google makes changes all the time that affect search engine results. Google has ways to identify websites who try to game the system. If caught, the punishment is harsh.

3) You have to do work to be more visible and get more exposure

Your SEO expert may have a list of tasks that need to be performed to help your SEO. Don’t stop there. Use opportunities like social media, blogs, contests and videos to connect.

2) You need to spy on your competition

Your SEO expert may not double as a competitive intelligence specialist but you can still find plenty of information about your competition. Pay attention to the keywords, blog post, social media updates and ads your competition is creating.


And the number one thing your SEO consultant won’t tell you is…

1) Ranking on page 1 of Google doesn’t matter

If no one is searching for the keywords you are using on your website then ranking on the first page does not matter. You can take a look at your Google analytics to see which keywords are sending you traffic right now.

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