3 Tools To Turbo Charge Your Social Media Marketing

Last week I posted a poll question asking “Which social media service do you use the most?” If you have not submitted your answer please do so here, seriously it only takes 2 seconds. The poll closes on July 8th but here are the results so far…

According to this poll; as well as many others, people using social networking sites are at least using one of the big three; Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to help grow their business.

Did you know you can significantly improve your marketing effort by using multiple marketing channels?

In fact, there is an old marketing adage that claims your target audience needs to hear and/or see your marketing messages at least 7 times before they are inclined to make a purchase from you. Now imagine the potential new clients you could acquire by using all three social media sites.

But I know what you are thinking, “I don’t have that much time”, right?

How can you effortlessly promote your marketing message across services like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and even YouTube?

By using a winning combination of Animoto, Mailchimp and Zoomerang to revolution your social networking marketing strategy, that’s how. These tools will increase your productivity and save time by streamlining your marketing message across services, with only a click of a button.

Use Animoto to say it with video by automatically generating professionally produced MTV-style music videos from your photos. Use their Facebook application tool to easily add the video to your profile, click the export to YouTube button or one button publishing to twitter.  You can even send the link via email or add it to your LinkedIn profile.

Even if you already have an email marketing tool, I’ll bet you don’t have functionality like  MailChimp. Creating stunning email marketing campaigns and autoresponders is just the beginning. One of the coolest Facebook tips with this tool is you can send your fans a campaign without having them opt-in to your list!  Simply use the Mailchimp campaign archive feature. Mailchimp is already implemented Twitter a specific tracking URL. Coming in mid July (according to the company) a way to track tweets and re-tweets about campaigns.

Zoomerang creates all types of online surveys with advanced reporting, PowerPoint charts and offers the easiest way to collect fast business feedback. Their Facebook app, Zoomerang Polls is a fast, easy way to create a quick poll to share with your fans or post it to your fan page wall.

You can get started now without spending a dime because each one of tools are FREE. However for more high-powered features they offer a low cost paid version too. Its no doubt, these 3 tools will turbo charge your social media marketing efforts!

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