65 Ways To Use Twitter To Grow Your Business

 Are you asking yourself “Do I really need to use Twitter for business”?

The answer is: YES!!!

Too many entrepreneurs are not utilizing one of the most powerful and FREE tools available to grow their business and increase sales.

Are you?

Using Twitter to grow your business you can easily and quickly reach profitable new markets.

Here are 65 ways to use Twitter to grow your business:

1.    Let customers get to know the real you
2.    Drive traffic to your website
3.    Launch a new product
4.    Post a job
5.    Build trust
6.    Get instant feedback
7.    Build your brand
8.    Announce a sale
9.    What’s hot now
10.    Deliver coupons
11.    Customer notifications
12.    Find leads
13.    Send a tiny press release
14.    Reduce email marketing costs
15.    Answer questions
16.    Test interest in a new product or service
17.    Find joint venture partners
18.    Tell (very) short stories
19.    Introduce new staff members
20.    Share photos of your staff hard at work
21.    Rally volunteers for a cause
22.    Hold a contest
23.    Find out what your customers want
24.    Discover a new niche market
25.    Create a new niche market
26.    Ask for customer testimonials
27.    Repurpose blog content
28.    Offer free initial consultations
29.    Get paid (receive money)
30.    Invite people to subscribe to your newsletter
31.    Respond faster
32.    Follow up on customer feedback
33.    Share your company’s smart moves
34.    Become an expert
35.    Introduce your favorite customers
36.    Share success stories
37.    Announce industry events
38.    Networking with your target audience
39.    Build relationships with your customers
40.    Announce your special events
41.    Build a community
42.    Organize a local Tweetup
43.    Create brand loyalty
44.    Recommend a vendor
45.    Highlight product/service benefits
46.    Announce new blog posts
47.    Share customer testimonials
48.    Share photos of your store or office
49.    Offer free samples
50.    Hold a Tweet-a-thon for a cause
51.    Have an informal survey
52.    Find out what your customers don’t want
53.    Drive traffic to your blog
54.    List product/service features
55.    Repeat a message automatically
56.    Offer gift certificates
57.    Experiment with pricing
58.    Raise money for a cause
59.    Test your marketing copy
60.    Learn from other company’s smart moves
61.    Learn from other company’s mistakes
62.    Share your company’s mistakes (and the solutions!)
63.    Ask for referrals
64.    Accept customer feedback
65.    Celebrate holidays

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    • Thanks Cherie! Keep me posted on how many of the 65 you implement. Also let me know if there are any particular ideas on the list you find perfect for your professional organizing business. Thanks again for the follow, happy tweeting!