7 Questions Your Visitors Want To Know (Does Your Website Tell Them?)

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You have taken a giant step in your online marketing driving traffic by using social media to attract targeted visitors and growing your website traffic. Let’s talk about what happens when those visitors get to your website. Keep in mind you only have a few seconds (about 5 to 7) to convince them to stay. It’s your job to provide visitors with answers they need to go from a prospect to a lead to a customer.

After driving traffic to your website here are 7 questions your visitors will ask:

1. What do you do?

Your website should clearly indicate what you do without the visitor guessing or assuming. Craft your description like your elevator pitch; where you only have a limited amount of time and words to convey your message. Provide a short but to the point description. You can easily give them an option to read more or a link to a longer version.

2. Why should I listen to you?

Now that you have your visitor’s attention they want to know are you trustworthy and credible. Remember people buy from people they know, like and trust. Use this opportunity to provide information to show your credibility with awards you have won, where your articles have been published or previous speaking events. Using these examples will give them a compelling reason to listen to you.

3. What’s in it for me?

The only station your visitors are tuned into is WIIFM (What’s In It For Me). Here’s where you should do the “I” test. Take a look at your website count the number of “I’s” you have in your content. The more you can provide benefits that solve their problem the less likely they are to click away to your competition. Now rewrite your content changing the “I’s” to “you” so that you are providing the benefits not features. Make this about the visitor not about you.

4. Does it work?

In order to show your product or service works you need proof. The best way to provide proof is with testimonials from your current and previous clients. Testimonials are a powerful marketing tool unfortunately small business owners are not using this enough. What your clients are giving you with their words is evidence that your product or services generates results. Their testimonial will boost credibility, generate leads, and help to maximize your online exposure.

5. How does it work?

No you don’t have to give away your secret sauce but at least tell your visitor how your product or service works. They want to know if your services are provided in person, on the phone, as a webinar, etc. They want to know if your products are physical or digital. Provide high-level information that will aid your visitor in making a quick decision.

6. What’s my risk?

You should feel confident enough with your products or services to offer some type of guarantee to your clients. Think about what part of your product or service you can guarantee. Offering a guarantee will provide comfort and help your visitor manage their risks.

7. How do I get it?

The visitor wants to know what to do next, so tell them with a clear call to action. Keep it simple, give them one action step. Don’t make them search around your site for buttons, links or provide too many choices. Overlooking this one step is the difference between converting your visitors to leads and customers or NOT.

What’s next?

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