Top 7 Tips For Driving Live Event Traffic To Your Business

Driving website traffic

Over the past several months, I’ve had the pleasure to attend many live events. Two events in particular really stood out in the way they incorporated online marketing to drive website traffic into their overall promotion scheme.  I was a presenter at the Blogalicious Conference in October in Washington, D.C. and  I also traveled to Dallas to attend “Shine: The Premier Conference for Women Entrepreneurs,” an annual conference hosted by my mentor, AliBrown (SecretMillionaire).

From a social media perspective, I realized these two events got it right. They capitalized on a golden opportunity to drive website traffic to and from their main websites from their event. Whether you are having a networking event, a seminar or a large-scale conference; keep these 7 tips in mind to enable your live event to be a great marketing tool for your business.

7 tips for driving website traffic from your live event:

1. Make it easy for your attendees to tweet

When it comes to getting free publicity and an enormous amount of exposure fast, social media is the key. Prior to your event, establish a unique hashtag and announce/display it at all opportunities you can during the event, from beginning to end. Twitter buffs follow hashtags even if they are not attending the live event. As an added bonus, it’s a possibility your hashtag could start trending on Twitter, providing even more exposure. Examples: #Blogalicious11 and #ShineDallas

2. Show off your attendees tweets

Publicly display audience “tweets” and postings during breaks. Show the tweets on a screen live as they happen. I guarantee more attendees will grab their smart phones and other gadgets to start tweeting and posting. Why…we all like to see our name in lights! Example: At both “Blogalicious” and “Shine” I was excited as soon as I saw my picture with my tweets scroll across the screen and wanted to see more.

3. Make your swag bag worth a picture

I received the biggest, SWAG bag ever at the “Blogalicious” Conference. This thing was filled to the brim with lots of goodies including a cookbook, novels, Hanes socks, water bottles, coupons and so much more. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I immediately snapped one and posted it to Facebook and TwitterExample: Shine’s swag bag had earrings from Silpada, a workout DVD, books, a water bottle and more.

4. Use the power of celebrities

There’s nothing like a celebrity to increase the buzz surrounding an event. The goal is to have the right celebrity (or celebrities) that add value to your message and brand. Most celebrities have Twitter and Facebook accounts to which they post their activities, drawing attention to the event. Example: Blogalicious featured actress Paula Paton, chef Aaron McCargo Jr host of the Food Network’s Big Daddy’s House, and Rene Syler (formerly CBS Early Show host) who delivered the keynote.

5. Discover new experts

Take a serious look at your line up of speakers to see where you can add more diversity. If you want to attract a wider audience to your event, create a diverse group of experts. Your experts can help promote the event to their list, on Facebook and Twitter. Example: Blogalicious had Black, Latina and Asian women of all ages.

6. Leverage your community to increase visibility

Encouraging your attendees to write blogs or post about your event attracts attention, sometimes from big-name companies willing to be sponsors. Niche audiences attract niche sponsors, so use this as an opportunity to attract unique sponsorships. Know your audience because smart brands pay attention. Use sponsors to provide extra goodies like free conference wifi, coffee breaks, lunches and dinners. Example: “Blogalicious” sponsors included Cover Girl, Kmart, Aunt Jemima.  “Shine’s” sponsors included Infusionsoft and PowerPay.

7. Make your live event something to blog, tweet or Facebook about

I know this sounds like a no brainer but it’s not. Think about how you can make your event different. I mean really different from anything thing else in your industry. Think about what you can do to make your event stand out. Example:  At “Shine”, Ali Brown invited a live country western band to open the event, and she used cleaver wardrobe and stage changes to match session themes.

What’s next?

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