7 Ways To Use Twitter You Didn’t Know About

I can’t believe how many hours I’ve logged conducting research and executing Twitter best practices. I have uncovered a wealth of information, tools, do’s, don’ts and more. Twitter is a powerful FREE marketing tool with maximum value at minimum cost.

As a result, I have led several seminars on “How to grow your business using Twitter” and I have an upcoming hands-on “Twitter Quick-Start Workshop” next week.

But why stop there!?

In a few weeks I will release my Twitter Quick-Start Toolkit – Your step-by-step guide to start tweeting fast!

I am so excited about my finds I could not wait for the release of my Twitter Quick-Start Toolkit I had to share these 7 ways to use Twitter you didn’t know about (and neither did I) right now. Here’s what you can do:

1.      Get paid or pay someone – Believe it or not, you can initiate payments directly from  twitter. Once you have linked your Twitter account to Tipjoy you can start sending or receiving payments with Tipjoy. They accept Mastercard or Visa and you only have to pay your bill once a month which takes care of all your transactions for the month.

2.      Create and publish a Tweetcast – If you are an iPhone user (darn, I’m not) this one if for you. Tweetmic lets you create, edit and publish audio directly to your Twitter account without limits on how much you can record. The sound quality is unbelievable. The application screenshots makes this look so easy I hope it becomes a standard for all phones.

3.      Gift wrap your tweets –  TweetWrappr is cool application that was conceived, designed, created and launched all on the same day, December 19, 2008, AMAZING! Who doesn’t like receiving presents? You can use TweetWrappr as unique way to build relationships with your followers one gift wrappred (intentionally spelled wrong) tweet at a time.

4.      Watch Twittervision – Nothing on Television? No problem you can watch Twittervision (I’m not kidding or making this up!). What do you get when you combine Google Maps with Twitter? An application where you can view a real-time display of tweets on an interactive Google Map. Twittervision automatically zooms to the location declared in the message as it display the Tweeters profile picture, tweet and location.

5.      Recover a deleted Tweet – Ooops accidentally deleted a Tweet? With Tweleted you can recover deleted Twitter up 1000 messages from as far back as four months.  YIKES, did I mention you can recover anybody’s deleted tweets? I guess that’s why you can switch between a Good and Evil mode. The lesson here is never tweet ANY information you don’t want made public.

6.      Share stuff on Twitter – With Tweettube you can share just about anything all from one interface. You can share 25-second webcam videos, upload or email photos and pictures, YouTube videos by entering the URL and website URLS.

7.      Create social media press releases – This one is not just for Twitter. With Pitchengine you can effectively package stories and share them with journalists, bloggers and influencers worldwide via the social web. PitchEngine is not a wire service and should be used in conjunction with other PR efforts. It is a social platform to quickly and easily create, host, and share visually rich and dynamic Social Media Releases.

If you are already using Twitter follow me @SavvyBizBuilder let’s tweet about how you are using Twitter for your business. Not using Twitter yet but want to learn how to use Twitter to grow your business? Then my Twitter Quick-Start Academy is for you.

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