Are You Playing Hide and Seek With Your Customers?

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Side Hustlers and Home based business owners think about this…What if you customers can’t find you online?

Preparing for my trip to Chicago a few years ago to speak at the National BDPA Technology Conference, I searched online for my favorite popcorn from the Garrett Popcorn Shop. If you have ever eaten their popcorn you know, no trip to Chicago is complete without it. If you have not eaten their popcorn try the Chicago Mix, its caramel and cheese. It may sound like an odd combination but trust me it’s good.

Anyway, I searched their website looking for locations and their Twitter handle (not sure what a Twitter handle is my Twitter Quick-Start Academy can help) to send them a tweet.  I knew they had to be there. YES, had to be. Why? A few reasons, but mainly they were selected as one Oprah’s favorite things in 2010 surely they have a website and are using social media right?

Good, I found their website with Store Locater but unfortunately no social media icons were found anywhere. Hmmm, I thought this was strange so I kept looking. FINALLY found it @GarretPopcorn. WHEW!

My point is: will your customers keep looking for you like I did Garrett?

Will they look for you in the yellow pages?

I hate to tell you this, but the Yellow pages are dead. By the time they are printed and distributed most of them are outdated. As a matter of fact, you can opt-out from receiving them. Have you heard about the National Yellow Pages Consumer Choice & Opt-Out Site?

Will they call information (411)

Have you noticed how the phone companies are adding information calls in as an additional charge per call? These extra charges are not just for your mobile phones but your landlines too. People have weaned themselves off 411 calling altogether, they know it cost money and they now have choices.

Will they look for you on social media?

I just read a report on discussing why small businesses don’t consider social media crucial. They admit they’re still not sure how to use it. My guess is they think it takes too much time. However, their biggest mistake is they don’t see social media as marketing. Turn on any television or radio and you will see or hear big brands mention Facebook and Twitter on their commercials. Isn’t it time you stop saying, “I don’t get Twitter?” and use it and other social media sites for business?

Will they Google your business?

Google is king!  Why? Google is the first place 67% of people turn to when they want to find information. As a small business owner with a website, your level of exposure is what brings “traffic”. You can have the best product, service or program in the world but it won’t matter, if no one knows about it. It’s your responsibility to put an ongoing market plan in place to make your business known.

Will they stop looking because they found your competition?

Well if they have tried all of the above and customers still can’t find you there’s a problem and you need to fix it. Don’t continue to wait for the traffic to come; you need a SOLID foundation to build your online presence. You need a “Blueprint” for traffic sources in place to bring you massive amounts of exposure 24/7 even while you sleep and play.

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