Blogging for Beginners: Use these 4 Bs for Blogging Success

blogging for beginners

Whether you are looking for blogging for beginners tips or have a well established blog these blogging for beginners success Bs will help your content perform better on your website.

  • Brief

Keep in mind when writing your blog post you want to be brief.  Writing content for your WordPress website is not like writing a term paper or dissertation, so keep it short.  Blogging for beginners success tip: You only need around 500 words to make your point. Include a simple introduction to grab the readers attention. Then tell your website visitor what the content will provide and why it’s valuable to them. Finish up with what you want them to do next.  Using this formula you’ll be surprised at how much you can cover in your blog post but stay focused.

  • Bullets

Formatting is your friend, so use bullets to organize your content to make it easy to read. If it looks like too many words people won’t read it. Blogging for beginners success tip: You can mask the amount of words in your blog simply by using bullets.    Use plenty of white space and break up those paragraphs. Use bullets to to tell your website visitor what’s in it for them, call out benefits, provide tips and key points or takeaways. The goal is to make your content readable so they stick around until the end of the blog post.

  • Bold

Using bold text not only draws attention, it also emphasizes key points to make it easy for your reader. It’s a fact, not everyone will read every single word or your blog post. There are many people who only like to skim the words as they quickly scroll down the page or their mobile device. Blogging for beginners success tip:  You can make it super easy for them to get your entire message quickly, simply by using bold text. Have you heard of double readership path? The trick is to bold only the sentences that tell the main part of your story. Using this technique will save the reader time.

  • Basic

Writing your blog posts and other website content should be extremely basic, with simple words your visitor can read fast. Blogging for beginners success tip: Your blogs should be written on a 7th grade reading level. REALLY?  Yes, really! This is so important Microsoft Word has it built in. Don’t have MS Word try the readbility tool here. l  Writing for the web is completely different than writing for print. On the web there are many distractions competing with for your website visitors attention. You only have 5 to 7 seconds to convince your visitor to stick around. Using big words will drive them away fast.

Now that you know the 4 Bs to get started with blogging for beginners, re-read this post to see how many of these tips I used. Let me know in the comments (or on Facebook) which one’s and what you think about how I use them.  If you like this, “Like” it, however if you love it, “Share” it. Thanks!

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