Training Video: Simple Blogging Strategy Plan

This simple blogging strategy plan you can start using today isn’t for the pro’s. In fact, if you’re blogging once a week, then look away because this is for side hustlers (business owners working a full-time job while building a business on the side) who want to get to that point.

WRITE THIS DOWN: mindset shift… BLOGGING IS MARKETING (no longer think of this task as a waste of time)

Business owners the #1 reason you should blog for business is marketing! This is the most overlooked marketing tactic by businesses both large and small. Blogging is the easiest and least expensive way to get the word out about your business. In fact with blogging, no longer do you need to wait for the media because you are the media. No longer do you need to hire an advertising agency because you are the advertising agency. There is no one who knows your business better than you, writing blog post propels you to the expert. However to be successful and start blogging for profits you need an easy to follow blogging strategy plan.

Your blogging strategy plan

Having a blogging strategy plan is important so you know exactly how to start without spending hours staring at a blank page. Using a plan you will know longer have to struggle with what to write and ultimately stick to the blogging plan.

Watch this free training video to discover a blogging strategy plan you can start using today!

Tonya R. Taylor
Your Savvy Online Business Builder

P.S. You can grab a copy of the Blogging Made Easy: The Simple Fill-in-the-Blank Template I mentioned in the video >> HERE <<.  The template is my gift to you & what I’ve used to write blogs for my website and others! IT’s FREE! download now! 

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