Content Creation: 5 Time Saving Tips to Create Irresistible Content Fast

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Yikes! Have you fallen off the content creation wagon because you don’t know what to write about? Maybe it has been weeks (or months) since you last wrote a blog post. Guess, what, you are not alone many entrepreneurs have this same problem. You’ll be surprised to learn creating compelling content is one of the best ways to attract your ideal clients to you.

In fact, consistently adding fresh unique content not only keeps your target audience coming back to your website but Google too. The thing is potential customers are searching for your business on Google every day. Unfortunately without creating fresh content consistently they may never find you. Google wants fresh content and you should too.

Content creation made easy

1) Brainstorm a list of ideas

The best place to start with content creation ideas is your own website. Take a look at your frequently asked questions (FAQ), products and services web pages. In fact, take a look at these pages on your competitions website too. You can also make a list of everything you can do for your customers, each one can be a blog post. Content creation ideas can come from industry specific magazines and books too. In addition, visit blogs about your topic paying particular attention to the blog comments section. Make a list of every question asked then write a blog post answering that question.

2) Use an editorial calendar

No, an editorial calendar is not just for magazines and newspapers. They are used by bloggers, SEO professionals and businesses to efficiently organize and develop a list of categories. Your editorial calendar is a schedule of topics to cover and when. The calendar can be as simple as a theme for each week, month or quarter. You may also want to include themes around major holidays, sporting events or seasons. Now take the list of ideas generated from your content creation brainstorming session to fill your editorial calendar.

3) Create a swipe file

If you have never heard of a “Swipe File” don’t let the name fool you. This is not a file of blog post created by someone else you are going to steal for your blog. This is a file of ideas from competitors or other business owners that consist of newsletters, sales pages, blog post and emails. The goal is to create a folder which can be online in the clouds or a physical folder to store marketing material you would like to model.

4) Schedule time to write

Whether your business is online or offline, if you have a website, content creation is crucial to the success of your business. You have to schedule time to for content creation even when you don’t feel like writing. Decide when you are going to write, meaning, which day (or days) and time. Also decide how long you are going to write and stick to it. Set a timer and continue to write  until the timer goes off or continue if you are feeling inspired to write more.

5) Use free tools

You never know where you will be when you are sparked with an idea for content. I’m always surprised how I can be taking a shower, at the gym, driving or waiting in line when a content idea hits me. The trick is you to be ready to capture your ideas at that exact point in time otherwise you will like forget, well at least I do! As part of your content creation strategy, with the proper free tools and apps you can use your smart phone for more than making calls. In this day and age hardly anyone leaves home without their mobile phone in hand so use as a tool to run you business too.

Using these 5 ideas will help you quickly create irresistible content your target audience wants to read.

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