Cut Your Costs Dramatically

Are you worried about the economy?

Who isn’t!

As you know, many business owners are in a place of fear about cash-flow and the economy.

Right now you need to purchase technology to grow, help you manage people, sales, customer service and collaborate with others, right? Unfortunately, the technology resources you have identified all have a price.  But, for small businesses, the payment in not using technology is often more costly than the actual purchase price. So keep in mind technology is an unavoidable cost of doing business.

That’s why every week I identify online tools along with tips on how you can use these tools in your business. In addition, I created an eBook “101 Free Tools To Grow Your Business” for small business owners to easily find tools to help them act big on a small budget and look like a high quality-professional.

The demand for “101 Free Tools To Grow Your Business” was so huge, now there’s an even better way to get the eBook. Here’s how it works, I have created a complimentary (there will never be a cost, no email, download or membership required) searchable directory, full of online tools you can start using today to boost your productivity and profits. is a great resource for your small business looking for an edge during this lingering recession. And you thought you couldn’t afford online technology tools!

As I discover more online business tools they will be added to the directory so check back often. You can dramatically cut your technology costs and create your own business stimulus package by using these online tools.


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