Online Marketing: What Does Your Digital Tattoo Say About Your Small Business?

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It’s a fact, love them or hate them tattoos are popular and (almost) permanent. The tattoo design choice, or body art, says something about you; well actually a lot about you. It may convey your mood at a particular moment in time, it may have a deep personal meaning, you may like the artwork or some may think they’re just stylish.

Even though tattoos have become incredibly mainstream the kind I am talking about has nothing to do with body art. This type of tattoo is about your business; yes even if you have a small business, home based business or you are a solo entrepreneur. Let me ask you a simple question, what does your digital tattoo say about your business and your online marketing efforts?

Before you can answer that, I need to explain exactly what is a Digital Tattoo?

Just like a regular tattoo, your digital reputation is an expression of yourself and your business. Over time it is shaped by you and added to by others which include friends, family and your business visibility online and in the media.

Your digital tattoo is what a potential customer, current client, or anybody else finds online about your business. It’s the information people see when they search the internet for your name or your business name.

What images will they find of you? – an old photo from college or high school, your company logo, a cartoon character where your picture should be or your favorite sports team instead of a current photo?

What information will they find on your website or blog? – a new video, static information that has never been changed or updated since July or your latest blog post?

What images will they find on social media? – you presenting at a conference, you with your family, you participating at a networking event or hanging out with friends?  (Are you even using social media and other online marketing strategies to help shape your digital tattoo?)

What information will they find in the media? – your published article(s), a press release, a story written about you or your business, or nothing at all?

Why is your digital tattoo important?

Ask any successful salesperson or flourishing marketer, they will tell you this…“People buy from people they know, they like and they trust”.

Your digital tattoo will help create the magic to make this happen.

When was the last time you searched on your name or your business name? Keep in mind Google is not the only place you have a digital tattoo. Use these three sites to search 

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