Small Business Technology: Enjoy More Value For Less Cost

small business technology

Is your home based and Small business technology losing its mojo?

There are various ways technology can help you grow your business much faster. The right investment in technology will help you save money and time, get more done with less and grow your business. You should spend money on technology that will help you now and in the future. As a matter of fact, unless you have access to the proper technological resources, your business will quickly find itself lagging behind your competition.

Running a business for yourself means you have to be innovative and always on the lookout for a new and better way to get things done.  Home based businesses, solopreneurs and small business owners are constantly working harder instead of smarter.


Because they are unaware of technology tools available to help them or too afraid to use them. Using technology to automate your business is probably one of the most rewarding and time-saving things as a business owner you can do. Once your business is automated, you can concentrating on marketing, improving process and working on getting more customers and sales.

Before making a technology purchase, assess how technology can help your business grow. Ask yourself these 10 questions if you want to get more value for less cost from your small business technology:

1. What tools am I using now that can be eliminated or upgraded?

free email tools, newsletter software, office software

2. What tools are needed to run my business more effectively?

autoresponders, shopping cart, accounting software

3. What tasks can be automated?

customer inquires, reporting, analyzing website traffic

4. What tools will save time and increase efficiently?

Google analytics, social media scheduling tools

5. What training do I need?

Social Media, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, marketing

6. What tools will enhance customer relations?

survey creator, newsletter tools, meeting scheduler

7. What tools will enhance partnership relations?

affiliate management, web conferencing

8. What tools will enhance (virtual) employee and/or contract relations?

project management, collaboration

9. What tools are needed for data security?

backup software, antivirus

10. What tools will make my business more competitive?

shopping carts, blog, video creating tool, webinar tools

How can you judge overall quality and usefulness of your small business technology?

Before you invest, take advantage of the try before you buy by using the trial period or satisfaction guarantee time-frame to evaluate on software. If cash is not available to justify a purchase, remember there are many free tools available- so use them. An easily overlooked way to review technology is to search for comments in forums and on the support page. Also review the company website for levels of support (phone, chat, email), training (online, webinars, phone) and read the frequently asked questions (FAQ).

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