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A mind map is a diagram used to represent words, ideas, tasks or other items linked to and arranged radially around a central key word or idea. It is used to generate, visualize, structure and classify ideas, and as an aid in study, organization, problem solving, decision making, and writing.

Mind Maps:

  • Put your plan into ACTION
  • Boost your FOCUS


About mind mapping – and basic introduction to the concepts and benefits if mind mapping.

The Brain – over 65 features in a dynamic visual interface and information organizer.

Tony Buzan – Wikipedia bio of one of the biggest names and promoters of mind mapping and mental literacy.

Mindmapping.org – the most complete resource for mind mapping software on the internet, covering most freeware, open-source, and proprietary software.

Recall Plus – enhance your learning power with the downloadable software for free, or upgrade to Plus for full functionality.

Mindtools – lots of articles and resources to develop excellent skills for an excellent career.

MindMap Training – visual mapping and mind mapping training solutions to manage information and visualize your successes.

Mainstream Matters – insights and intelligence from the analysts of Freeform Dynamics.

Mind mapping on the iPhone – if you thought your iPhone was cool before, imagine what it will do once you have a mind map application?

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