Entrepreneurs And Small Business Owners Can Make The “Net” Work With Social Bookmarking

For Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners networking offers so many options that it’s hard to know where to focus. You have attended workshops, seminars and conferences to chit-chat and hand out business cards.

You have joined traditional networking business groups to attract new business and develop long-term relationships around breakfast, lunch and/or dinner meetings. You used social networking sites to connect with various groups you lost touch with from college to former colleagues.

Now that you have mastered these options you must find new ways to promote your business interests and get noticed. Why not use “social bookmarking” for networking your business?

Here are examples of networking you can do with saving bookmarks on del.icio.us:

  • Businesses – create a tag for your business, partners and affiliates.
  • Products and Services– find existing tags with non-competing and competing products and services then add yours.
  • Collaboration –use a shared account, special tag, or networks to collect and organize bookmarks that are relevant — and useful — to the entire group.

Make the “net” Work, be creative, you must take action to get noticed.

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