Five Things Your Website Traffic Is Telling You (Are You Listening?)

Listening To Website Traffic

One of the first questions I ask my clients who are interested in driving more blog and website traffic is “How often do you review your analytics?”

You want to know what they say… Surprisingly, I have found a few small business owners who review their analytics weekly or monthly. Unfortunately, an overwhelming number of new clients say they never look at their analytics. However the most shocking statement and eye opening response was “What are analytics?”

So just to make sure we are on the same page let me define the term for you…

Analytics are the statistics about your website. You can think of the numbers like your bank statement; they measure, monitor and track what (who) is coming in and out of your account (website). Measuring your website traffic is a great way to start to understand how (or if) your online marketing efforts are really paying off.  After all, if you don’t have traffic what’s the point in having a website in the first place?

Here’s a fact you need to know, 78% of all website visits originate from an online search. This is why getting found in search engines are the #1 factor to increase traffic, leads and sales. Reviewing your analytics will help you target the best markets for your business, let you know what to continue doing and what to stop doing.

Here are five things your website traffic is telling you:

1) What regional area visitors are coming from

You will learn where in the world your website visitors are when they find you. Your analytics will tell you the exact country, state, city and will drill down to the exact neighborhoods.

2) What keywords visitors use to find you

You will learn the words visitors’ type into Google when they find you. Your analytics will tell you exactly which words bring you the most traffic and which words don’t.

3) What websites are referring traffic to you

You will learn which traffic sources are visitors are using to find you. Your analytics will tell you exactly which websites and search engines refer the most and the least amount of traffic.

4) What the demographics are for your visitors

You will learn which detailed information about the visitors who find you’re your analytics will tell you the exact breakdown of your audience by income, ethnicity, age, education, gender, children and browsing location (home or work).

5) Where visitors go on your website

You will learn which pages your visitors read on your website when they find you. Your analytics will tell you exactly which pages are the most popular and how much time your audience spends reading them.

This is only a small portion of what you can learn from reviewing your analytics on a regular basis. What I am leading up to is this…are you listening to what your website traffic is telling you?

What’s next?

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