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Want FREE publicity for your Baltimore Area (Columbia, Laurel, Ellicott City, Towson, Owings Mills, Woodlawn, Pikesville, Catonsville) small business, non-profit organization or social media event?

Receiving media exposure will provide your prospects, customers, industry influencers and other media outlets–social proof guaranteed to boost your credibility and most importantly provide a no cost opportunity to promote your business.


My Baltimore Social Media Examiner page is dedicated to all things social media in the Baltimore metropolitan area. My articles include:

* Profiles of entrepreneurs, home-based businesses, solopreneurs, small businesses and non-profit organizations getting results with social media marketing

* Insider tips and local social media “secrets”

* How-to or advice-oriented social media information

* “Did you know?” social media information locals may take for granted

* Social media events: workshops, conferences and seminars

I will interview you via email (download questions below) about using social media for business and how you are getting results. Additional information or request should be emailed to media{at }SavvyBizBuilder{dot}com.

The Interview Questions

The Process

  1. Download the interview question below. Only take one day to complete the interview questions because publishing days fill up fast
  2. Before you submit your answers, review the example interview question response document
  3. After we receive your answers, you will be notified via email from media{at}SavvyBizBuilder{dot}com when your story will be posted
  4. Review and implement the below next steps immediately

Next Steps

  1. Email answers to media{at }SavvyBizBuilder{dot}com
  2. Download checklist “How to get more exposure from your article”.
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The more information you provide the better, I will edit the article to make it a more cohesive story. This is your chance to promote yourself, event, business, project, product or service so answer the questions in such a way a totally new person would learn and be inspired to visit your website, do business with you or attend your event.


P.S. My goal is to help as many small business as I can that’s why my interviews fill up quickly. To secure your spot complete your questions as soon as possible.