Give Constructive Feedback: Why Your Thoughts Matter

give constructive feedback

“Why your thoughts matter to me, simply because, I care about what you really think”


When was the last time you tried to give constructive feedback, only to find out the business didn’t listen? You’ll find some entrepreneurs, mom and pops and small business owners (large ones too) who let fear keep them from asking for constructive feedback from their clients.

Well, not me. You want to know why your thoughts matter to me? The truth is, I really care about what you think. I know how hard it is to be a career person working a 9 to 5 and an inspiring entrepreneur (side hustler). I understand fully what it’s like to be determined to continue ramping up your business while trying to avoid burnout.

Give constructive feedback

The only way to get the help you want is to tell me what you need. You want results now, the kind that will move your business forward, right?

Why your thoughts matter

Something has happened to you these last few weeks and months that have caused a real shift. You’ve been in a transition re-evaluating everything in your life, especially where you spend time and energy. Your thoughts will help me know where you are and what you struggle with.

I care about what you think

I’m so excited to be able to serve you and help you create amazing results, using your website to grow your business as a 24/7 lead generation machine (even while you sleep). It is not my desire to teach you “just what I know” but to help you right where you are. So that means we have to partner together to help you create bigger results!

Can you do me a quick favor?

Go to this page to answer a few brief questions that can help me serve you better? It will help me to know where you are and what you struggle with. Take just 30 seconds, if you will, to answer these brief questions. I assure you each response will be read by me because I appreciate the time you are taking to give constructive feedback.


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Tonya R. Taylor

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