Here’s a Powerful Small Business Marketing Tool You’re Not Using

small business marketing tool

Your small business does good work.

No, your small business does GREAT work that gets results!

How do you know? Your clients and customers tell you so.

Are you using this small business marketing tool?

Your clients are giving you a marketing tool that boosts credibility, generates leads, and helps maximize your online exposure. This powerful gift is called a…


1.  a written declaration certifying to a person’s character, conduct, or qualifications, or to the value, excellence, etc., of a thing; a letter or written statement of recommendation.

2. something given or done as an expression of esteem, admiration, or gratitude.

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In this new digital world testimonials can be written, on video or in  an audio format.  Here’s the deal, if your customers are not giving you testimonials don’t worry maybe you just need to ask for them.

When do you ask for a testimonial?

Just after your clients have a major aha moment or right at the peak of their blown-away experience, approach them and say, “Hey I would love to get a testimonial.”

Keep in mind sometimes people are busy or intimidated with writing so you may need to coach it out of them or simply write the testimonials for them. To save time you could say, “Hey I’d love to get a testimonial and if you want, I can write a rough draft based on what I think and you can feel free to edit it.”

A testimonial can be as simple as these three lines:

The problem I had before I worked with [name] was [problem description]. Then I started working with [name] and we worked on implementing [the action]. As a result, I now have [description of the successful outcome].

Yes, it really is that simply!

Why ask for a testimonial?

Social proof. Testimonials prove to your potential customers your product or service actually works. Testimonials will confirm your products or services generate the results you claimed they would.

You have to give testimonials too

If you want to receive you have to give, right? So, if you have a product or service you love write a testimonial. A well written testimonial gets attention. The recipient most likely will post it on their website with your name, company name and your website.

Here are 3 ideas to help you start using testimonials as a small business marketing tool:

1. Make giving testimonials easy

Provide your customers with examples of previous testimonials or a sample testimonial as you would like it written. You can also provide your customers with a fill-in-the blank testimonial format.

2. Use social media to capture testimonials

If a customer writes on your Facebook wall, sends you an inbox message or sends you a tweet raving about your products or services those are testimonials too, so use them. Guess what, if you’re using Linkedin, it has a built in feature called recommendations. Use this feature to effortlessly ask for testimonials.

3. Repurpose testimonials

Yes, of course you should display your testimonials on a page of your website. But don’t stop there… sprinkle them throughout the website on various pages too. Use the testimonials in your newsletter and in all your marketing materials.

Start today! Leave me a testimonial about how my savvy online business building tips are enhancing your small business success. My site gets a lot of traffic. If your testimonial is posted, people will see your picture, your business name and your website. This is good for your visibility and traffic too!


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3 Responses to Here’s a Powerful Small Business Marketing Tool You’re Not Using

  1. GREAT tips! I literally talked about getting testimonials this morning with a client to post on LinkedIn and facebook fan page. But people forget or don’t know the key details of a USEFUL testimonial and recommendation. Sharing why, how, and the good results from working with an individual are great posted to related content online. I may venture into recording video testimonials next. You can always repurpose those!