Here’s Exactly How to Create An Easy Online Marketing Plan


You have two options to get leads: you can either pay for them with money or pay for them with time. You have to decide which one of them you have the most of in your budget. Either way you need an online marketing strategy with proven results.

Many, many years ago to get the word out about your business and for lead generation you would get a free listing in the yellow pages. You could pay extra to have a bigger ad space or to include a colored font. Neither one of those options guaranteed you a space at the top of the page in your category.

Do you know the trick business owners did to get their listing on the first page automatically? They included the letter “A” as the first part of their business name.

Tricky or cleaver, that was then, and this is now.

The Yellow Pages are DEAD!

It does not matter what letter you start your business name with because it will not guarantee you a spot on the first page of Google (or any other search engine).

When it comes to marketing your blog, getting more online business and driving internet traffic you need a plan. However, not just any plan; you need an online marketing strategy with proven results.

That’s why all my clients follow my Savvy Online Business Building System™. There are four “components” of my marketing strategy:  Building, Planning, Implementing and Monitoring. The true benefits are gained when you apply them consistently.

Online marketing plan the strategy

1.Building your foundation

Your WordPress website is the foundation of your business. Everything you do to market your business should start from or lead to your website. Consider your website the hub for all business activity.

2.Planning your marketing

Your marketing plan is crucial to keeping you focused only on the activities that will generate results. There are many choices available to you so it’s easy to have the bright shiny objects syndrome starting new tactics without a strategy. Consider your online marketing plan as your daily to-do list.

3. Implementing your marketing plan

Your dedication to implementing your marketing plan will determine your results. You can have the best product or service but if are not promoting it then it’s like it doesn’t exist. Consider what it takes for you to F.O.C.U.S. on getting results. Simply Follow One Course Until Successful.

4. Monitoring your results

Your Alexa Rank, number of pages indexed on Google, number of backlinks and PageRank needs to monitored weekly. The only way you can tell what’s working in your marketing (or not) is by tracking the results. Consider your website statistics, known as analytics, as a crystal ball to see exactly what your leads are telling you what to do next.

The system is easy:  following the plan everyday is the key.

Once you’ve mastered the plan I’ll show you my website traffic secrets I’ve used for my clients and how I got one of my niche sites about cupcake ideas to rank on page 1 of Google (above Martha Stewart) for more than four years.

Have fun with your new marketing plan!

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