How to Create a Website for Business Your Visitors Will LOVE

how to create a website for business

Here’s a question I hear often from business owners, “How to create a website for business my visitors will love?”

Well, first, did you know. . . you only have approximately 4 to 7 seconds to capture your web visitors attention?

YUP, that’s right!

If you want your website to be successful, in that short period of time you must immediately develop trust and create confidence. When creating a website one of the biggest mistakes is putting far too much emphasis on the bells and whistles while not spending enough time writing focused content. The advice I give to my clients is not to spend too much money on your very first website. Guaranteed it will go through many changes in the first 6 months.

New business owners will waste money and time building web sites that do not generate leads or create new sales because they frustrate and confuse visitors. Most small business owners don’t pay attention to who their visitors are and what they care about. Unfortunately, small business owners don’t know what information visitors are coming for or to learn so they don’t offer it to them.

Entrepreneurs and Small Business owners want to know how to create a website for business Your visitors will LOVE?

Start with keeping it very simple. Build your website foundation using WordPress to make it easy for you to quickly change the look and feel without the need of a website developer.

Next, download my checklist of 10 things people HATE about visiting a website. You never want to annoy someone right from the start and lose them before they even have a chance to review your site or purchase your products.

Ready for more?

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