How To Make Megabucks With 10 Words

So you are reading this because you want to know how to make megabucks with 10 words, RIGHT?


Create your most powerful marketing tool, a killer elevator pitch. Yes, it’s that simple and those are the 10 words, count them.

An elevator pitch is important because it quickly promotes understanding your business in a way that gets your audience excited, involved, and thinking.

Having a powerful, intriguing pitch ready makes the difference between being remembered and being


While out for an evening of fun enjoying cocktails and dinner with friends for a birthday celebration I was asked “What do you do?”

My answer “I am a business expert specializing in helping new business owners fake it until you make it”. Changing my response has dramatically changed my opportunites and my business. Once I said that I had the attention of everyone at the table.

How would you answer the question? To help prepare download Your Elevator Pitch worksheet.

No elevator needed.

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2 Responses to How To Make Megabucks With 10 Words

  1. Hi Tonya

    I agree with you and about 5 months ago I developed what I call a 30 second commercial about what I do. When people ask what I do I say…

    I am a people expert specializing in the psychology of people.

    I help people change how they engage with the world through teaching holistic thinking, developing intentional behavior and authentic living.

    Even though it is more than 10 words I have found it to be effective.


  2. Hi Tonya,
    The 'elevator pitch' is definitely the way to interest others in your business.

    I learnt this same concept from our own Aussie copywriter Trevor 'Toe Cracker' Crook who also has great videos on youtube.

    I remember (in part)the one he quoted about a bus driver…"I safely transport (no.) of people etc…

    Certainly makes a difference from just saying bus driver & makes you and I'm sure then as well, think differently about their position.