How to Use Pinterest for Driving Traffic to Your Website

pinterest driving traffic to websites

Are you using Pinterest for business?  If not, guess what… Pinterest is driving traffic to websites.

I know what you’re thinking…here we go again another social network, GEEZ! Yeah, I thought the same thing too however (unlike when I first discovered Twitter) this time I took action fast.

I immediately started testing how to use Pinterest for business with my site that ranks on page 1 for cupcake ideas (above Martha Stewart) and has well over 10,000 Twitter followers. What I noticed quickly was the spike in traffic. Pinterest is now one of my top 10 traffic sources for that site.

Because of that test, I started implementing a Pinterest strategy on my client sites too. Again, I noticed a spike in traffic. In fact, one clients website traffic increased by 3.5% in just two days with less than 5 pins.

After six years there are still many people who say, “I just don’t get Twitter!” but Pinterest is different.

Why?  It’s simple. It’s visual.

Remember the old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words?” Well its right!

And it has been proven that adding pictures to your blog post and social media post increase clicks. So I’m not surprised, that Pinterest is moving and growing by leaps and bounds over Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Just in case you have not heard of Pinterest or do not understand what it is let me explain. Basically, Pinterest is nothing more than a digital corkboard that you share with the world. You find interesting pictures (you can add videos too) and “pin” them to a board.

It’s that simple.

Pinterest driving traffic to websites

So which type of business can benefit from using Pinterest for driving web traffic?

  • If you can take a picture of your product or service
  • If the results of your business produce a visual artifact, picture or screenshot
  • If your website or blog content has pictures, images or graphics (that you own the rights too)

If your business meets the above criteria, here are three tasks you should put into action today:

Claim your business name

Just like Twitter, your Pinterest username is limited to 15 characters. You should claim your name, business or product name. This way you can keep others from using your name and maintain a consistent brand across all social media channels. Even if you think you will never use the account, it is better to grab your name or brand before someone else does. Do not wait any longer the popularity of this site is growing superfast and I don’t want you to miss out.

Add the “pin it” button to your website

Just because you are not using Pinterest does not mean your website visitors are not using it. I need to start keeping count of the many, many websites I visit each week that do not include any social share buttons on the site. These business owners are missing a HUGE “word of mouth” marketing opportunity guaranteed to start driving traffic to your website. Adding the “pin it” button for websites will give your visitors the opportunity to spread your information giving you more online visibility and exposure.

Let people know you are on Pinterest there

Once you create an account start by pinning a few images, pictures or graphics from your website. The next part is simple…tell people you are on Pinterest. Of course, Pinterest makes this task extremely easy. You can connect your Facebook and Twitter to Pinterest. This seamless integration allows you to tweet and share your “pins” with a single click.

That’s it!

Pin this article, follow my boards, repin a picture or just see my  SavvyBizBuilder or CupcakeIdeas Pinterest boards in action.


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  1. My problem is facebook, I got the twitter and the pineterest, but facebook seems to be my struggle, I want my website business seperate from my personal account, but if I do this I don’t get any hits from by business site

  2. What I know is Pinterest is recently introduced thing to boost up the online world. But I think this has really wonderful advantages.Thanks for sharing valuable facts on that.

  3. I was wondering what’s all about this pinning stuff and how should I deal with it until I found your article. Thanks a lot, now I know how to use it for promote my products.