How To Use Twitter To Market Your Business

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It doesn’t matter how good your product or service is if nobody knows about it. On the other hand, you don’t want to spend your money and time trying to tell everybody about it either. Therefore, when it comes to your customers keep in mind the importance of identifying your target marketing.

This is important because only a portion of the population is likely to purchase your products or service. If you want to boost your sales, be more productive and not waste your efforts or time, you need to know EXACTLY who is your target market.

Sure you can find your target market using traditional methods to advertise like television, magazines, newspapers and radio. Using these methods take big bucks, unfortunately most small businesses have really small advertising budgets.

Finally, just when you need it most, an innovative cost effective way to market your business.

Prepare yourself for. . . Twitter

At first glance Twitter appears to be just another cool tool to chat with your friends, share pictures and upload videos. However using Twitter for your business provides a powerful marketing opportunity.

With Twitter you choose who you would like to communicate with by deciding to “follow” another Twitter user and they have the option to be a “follower” of yours. Every time you send updates (also called tweets), all of your followers will see it in real-time.

Using Twitter for your business you can:

  • promote new products
  • announce sales and specials
  • send short press releases
  • provide questions and answers
  • provide links to products, services, FAQs and comments
  • learn about your industry niche in real-time

Start using Twitter to:

1.      Automate communication with your target market. Using TweetLater schedule your tweets in advance, track keywords used and track your @replies, manage all your Twitter accounts from one place.

2.      Identify groups of your target market. With TweetChannel you can follow other people’s TweetChannel news, add specific tracks (in regard to your product or service), select broadcasts and personalize your channel selection by sorting through contributor names.

3.      Provide analytics to track your target market. With TweetVolume you can check how many times a particular word appears on Twitter. You can compare up to five words and see the results in bar graphs.

Now that you know exactly who you’re trying to target, you can acquire more prospects, increase your revenues and customer base. Using Twitter is a golden opportunity to catch your competition napping.

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