How to Write a Blog Post That Drives Traffic (Ultimate Cheat Sheet)

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If you don’t learn how to write a blog post that attracts Google (and your target audience) you may be spinning your wheels creating content that’s not getting read. AND THAT’S NOT GOOD!

People use search engines like Google (and a few others) to solve their problem at that moment in time. They use the results on the page from their search to get answers. Your goal is to get them to click! Use this guide to become aware of the do’s and don’ts around how to write a blog post that gets results.

Is your blog post filled with too much “stuffing”?

When you are struggling with how to create blog posts that attract clients it might seem easy to pile on whatever you can just to get something done. However that’s not an effective approach for time saving tips to create content fast. WARNING! Avoid “stuffing” your blog content with:

  • too many words which will keep people from reading your posts

  • titles that are uninteresting to your target audience and too long for search engines

  • too many pictures with different shapes and sizes not organized in a gallery

  • too many paragraphs that makes it hard for the visitor to want to continue reading

  • no real topic of focus that is meaningful and relevant to your audience

  • information all about you with nothing in it for the reader to take away

  • details about your products and services over and over again

The ultimate cheat sheet for how to write a blog post in 5 easy steps:

I would suggest you print these and post near your computer to refer to them every time you start writing.

  1. Use a title that grabs their attention

If the title is not a bold attention grabber your target audience will never click through to read the rest of your blog post. Make your blog title more than 40 characters and less than the recommended 70 character limit.  You need titles that work! Try these:

    • How to ______________
    • Top 5  ______________
    • 7 Ways to ___________
  1. Use a focus keyword phrase

Think of each one of your blog post as its own landing page. Use this page to focus on one keyword topic (only). For example the focus keyword topic for this post is “How to write a blog post.”

  1. Write on a 7th grade reading level

Using words that are hard to understand or you need a dictionary will scare your website visitors away, never to return. Generally people are multitasking and pressed for time so what they do is skim articles instead of reading them fully. Writing on the internet is completely different from other types of writing. You need to keep your content simple by  checking your readability score <here>.

  1. Include a meta description

This is your chance to tell your potential reader exactly what your blog post is about and why they should click on the link on the search results page to read the entire blog post. The meta description is limited to 156 characters because that’s all the search engines will display on the search results page. Not using a well written meta description in your blog post can be the difference in driving organic website traffic or not.

  1. Count your words

Your blog post do not have to be long, you are not writing a dissertation. At the same time your blog post should not be too short either. In fact, the recommended minimum amount of words is 300. However what I have noticed is the sweet spot for effective content is between 500 and 550 words. Use an image to help tell your story. Also add bullets or numbers to create white space for easy reading.

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