7 Ways to Improve Your Marketing (And 6 Don’t Include Money!)

Improve your marketing

I posted a question on my Facebook page asking…

“What would you do if your business won a $150,000 in grant money you didn’t have to pay back?”

Well who knew that simple question would produce so many responses. The comments included several ways to improve your marketing, here’s the full list:

● invest in the business
● hire a social media manager
● help with branding
● product creation
● expand business
● upgrade equipment
● increase staffing
● streamline manufacturing
● build a customer service infrastructure
● celebrate & praise God
● purchase inventory and supplies

All the responses were on point in terms where money should be spent to help your business grow. What I noticed from 90% of the comments is how everyone mentioned they needed money to improve their marketing efforts. Well I am here to tell you there are plenty of ways to improve your marketing without spending any money.

Here are 7 ways to improve your marketing with no-cost (or very little):

1) Write blog posts – When was the last time you updated your website with some fresh content? This is one area side hustlers, entrepreneurs and businesses (small and large) neglect. Let start with a mind-shift…blogging is part of your marketing. Erase the thought blogging is optional or something you have to make time to do. Watch my free training video: Get Started Blogging to immediate improve your marketing.

2) Provide a free offer – If you have ever been to one of those big box stores you know how powerful it is to get a free product sample. They give you a little taste of the product to grab your attention. Once you realize how good it is then you decide to buy it. You can (and should) do the same with your products and services.

3) Talk about your product or service – Speaking to a group allows you to communicate with focus around your expertise. Reach out to groups or organizations that have your target audience as its members. Offering to speak for free is a huge way to increase your visibility directly to the people who want to hear your message.

4) Do guest blog posts – You can write blog posts for other people’s blogs too. Here’s the thing, everyone wants fresh and unique content for their website. Why? Because they know good quality content attracts people interested in their products or service, the media, Google and other search engines.

5) Take advantage of social media – Promote your message on all social media channels. Yes, even the ones you don’t use. Be consistent when posting. You can easily repurpose content you already have. Watch your data to find out which channel has the most active group of your target audience.

6) Create an email campaign – If you already have a list of people that include potential clients or even former clients reach out to them. WAIT, before you try to sell them in email start with creating a relationship. Send them an email with your latest blog post, tell them about your free offer and/or ask them to connect with you on social media.

7) Use social media ads to generate leads – Well this one will cost you money and it will be good money spent. Using social media ads you can laser target the people you are looking for even if they are local. Once you know exactly who you are targeting use that information to focus your ads to their interest. The major benefit of adding paid marketing to your strategy is speed. Using paid ads can dramatically increase visibility-fast!

What’s next?

Not only will all these strategies improve your marketing they are also excellent ways to get more people to find your website. Adding blogging to your marketing strategy is no longer optional! WHY? Because blogging is critical to attracting visitors filled with your ideal clients and leads to your website. Learn how to blog with this easy to use fill-in-the-blank template, its my gift to you.

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