INSTANT Personal Assistant To Promote Your Business 24 Hours A Day

As a small business owner, it’s not easy to find hard working employees who share your vision. Until you are able to hire the right-staff you have to be strong, dedicated and ready to serve at all times.

These same characteristics are used to describe soldiers in the United States Army. In fact, in recent years the Army has used two recruiting slogans “An Army of One” and “Army Strong” which embody the ideas of a small business owner.

As a small business owner wearing multiple hats in business is a common phenomenon. You are the president, bookkeeper and webmaster performing multiple jobs – sometimes at the same time – virtually becoming an “Army of One”. You stretch yourself – sometimes too thin – but you have to remain “Army Strong” while working hard selling your products and/or services. After you’ve worn the hats it can be difficult to find the time to promote your small business.

Technology is a wonderful resource for business owners who fill multiple roles in the business. There are thousands of software solutions to help sell products from your website but the trick is to find a technology that can help sell your services especially if they involve appointments and scheduling your time.

Online scheduling software creates a more effective online presence for any business allowing them to turbo charge appointment scheduling.

Here are two companies making online scheduling work well for both the business and the customer:

Genbook provides a simple and powerful online appointment scheduling solution for small businesses. This tool is an effective way to get confirmed appointments directly on your calendar and keep your business organized.

2. HourTown online scheduling system promotes blocks of time as if they were products in an online storefront. Customers select the service they are interested in, see what times are available and book the time they want.
Both offer a free version – the key difference is HourTown will also transmit scheduling information for its businesses to search engines and online Yellow Pages directories. Businesses can distribute promotional information as well as their up-to-the-minute availability across the major search engines – including locally-focused classified directories – all in a single click.

Online scheduling tools provide an INSTANT personal assistant just to promote your business 24 hours a day. Online scheduling tools:

  • advertise your services locally
  • convert website visitors to verified appointments
  • send email notifications the moment someone books
  • eliminates phone tag with busy clients
  • make your business appear more professional

Internet users are searching online for local services like yours everyday. A national research survey suggests that your customers are 86% more likely to be loyal to your business by simply offering the convenience of online scheduling.

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  1. I used Schedgit (Schedule It! Online – ) and it has more features than GenBook’s free version. Schedgit is 100% free and doesn’t have an up-sell version like GenBook does (for $40 a month!!). I think that after using GenBook’s free version one will end up paying the monthly fee-based service.