Is Your Website Ready For The Smartphone Faceoff?

Have you ever taken a look at a website or blog on your mobile phone?

I know I have.

I find myself more and more scanning websites from links I find on Twitter while waiting in a long lines (especially at the grocery story). Or as a quicker way to access information without the hassle of lugging my laptop around.

Curious how my blog would display on my somewhat older phone, a Motorola Q, I pulled it up and was not happy with the results. The page was very slow to load, it did not display properly and I could not click on some of the links. Since then, I have been on a mission trying to figure out how to make my blog mobile phone friendly.

I’m not the only one; major brands and small business owners are quickly attempting to create a mobile version of their website or blog. I have read a few marketing articles indicating consumers are connecting to their favorite brands via mobile devices more than ever before. In fact, according to an article posted on a “New Study Shows the Mobile Web Will Rule by 2015”.

Here are 3 no charge ways to make your website Smartphone ready (Yes, that includes the iPhone and Adroid too!):

1. Use your RSS feed

Mippin – Use your website or RSS feed URL and some simple customization you can make your site available on over 2000 phones worldwide.

  • Mippin will make your slow website easily mobile ready. Works on any phone and guarantees all sites will be displayed perfectly.
  • They even provide a mobile phone emulator so you can see how your site will look in advance of going live.

2. Use PHP code

Though this option is only four steps you need to be an advanced user who understands PHP and .htaccess. Otherwise have your web developer complete this hoption for you.

3. Use a WordPress Plugin

If you are using WordPress for your website or blog consider yourself lucky!  The good news, the plugins directory has 174 choices when you search using the word “mobile”. The bad news, many of this plugins have not been updated in months and only work on the iPhone or the Android.

  • I chose the WordPress Mobile Pack plugin because it was recently updated, it works with several of the most popular phones and you it will shrink you current theme to fit a mobile phone.
  • There are a few kinks I need to work out but so far it appears to be working. Take a look on your phone, tell me know how it looks.

Is your website or blog ready for the Smartphone mobile web faceoff? Let me know in the comments below.

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