Keywords: Your Website’s Secret Weapon To Driving Traffic

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In today’s digital world there is so much content on the internet driving traffic in many directions. Everybody (and I do mean everybody) from TV shows, the local and national news programs, big brands like Pepsi and Nike, athletes: football, baseball, tennis players and radio personalities — you name it they all have a blog, Google+, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and a host of other online content driven networks.

And they all want the same thing (and you should too)…to keep driving  traffic to their websites and blogs.

But not just any traffic they want (again, and you should too) “Targeted” traffic”.


Targeted traffic is filled with people who are looking for something specific and ready to whip out their credit card to buy when they find it.

Listen up! In order to make sales you need traffic PERIOD!

So what’s the secret to driving traffic to your website?


What are keywords?

Keywords are the words or phrases people use to search online. It’s the exact words they type into Google. Google and other search engines will show to the searcher a list of websites that have those keywords on their pages.

Google stores data about keywords and phrases entered into the search engine. Over time Google is able to make estimates of how many times a day those keywords and phrases are searched for.

Using keywords is a FREE way to increase targeted traffic. Google and other search engines will send you traffic based on the keywords used on your website. In fact, if you have not already done your keyword research you should start right now.

Seriously, there’s no need to write content for your website until you do your keyword research. You need to find out what kinds of words and phrases are actually being used to search.

To be perfectly honest, not using keywords forces you to rely on the media (if you can get their attention), Joint Venture (JV) partners or some other type of industry influencer to help you spread the word about your products and services.

Otherwise you will have to pay for traffic with pay per click (PPC) and other types of ads. Actually if you are using JV’s and affiliates you are still paying for traffic.

What keywords should you target to get website traffic?

Here are 3 keyword research tools to help you find out:

1) Keyword Spy – With Keyword Spy you can find profitable keyword and discover competitors and their keywords.

2) Alexa – Search Alexa to discover the most successful sites on the web by keyword, category, or country.

3) Google’s Keyword Tools – Use the Keyword Tool to find keyword ideas and estimate

Discovering your keywords may take time (and be a little painful) but once you get it right the reward is a steady stream of traffic.

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