Is NOT Having the Right Tools Sabotaging Your Web Traffic?

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No matter what business you are in – you cannot get the job done if you do not have the right tools.

A professional speaker has her signature speech, a one sheet and a demo video of her delivering an information-packed engaging presentation.

A hair stylist has her combs, hair dyer, scissors, some type of curling instrument and pictures of her happy clients.

A cupcake baker has her batter, an oven, baking cups, mouth-watering decorating ideas and pictures of her awesome creations.

And if they did not have the proper tools would you do business with them?

Probably not.

To have a successful business online (or offline) you have to have the right tools in place to keep it running. The foundation of your business and number one marketing tool is your website. This is the first place potential customers, joint venture partners, industry influencers and the media will check when they want to find out more about you.

What happens to those people looking for a solution to their problem who do not know anything about you? They don’t have your website address. They don’t know your product or service exist. Even though it is exactly the solution, they are searching for right now and are ready to buy.

But, sadly, they cannot find your business because you do not have the right tools in place for driving traffic to your website.

What’s the right tools?

A business owner who wants traffic has her website, targeted keywords, free offer, fresh content and informative analytics.

Keywords for website traffic

A secret to driving website traffic is using keywords. Google and other search engines will show the searcher a targeted list of websites that have those keywords on their pages. Targeted traffic is filled with people who are looking for something specific and ready to whip out their credit card to buy when they find it.

When the traffic arrives to your website, give them a little taste (like you get at Costco) of what you do. Provide your visitors with a no-risk opportunity to sample your product or service. This will help build the relationship and give you a chance to ask for the sale. The key here is to focus on your main topic with an irresistible free offer in a way that shows your expertise and relates to your core product or service.

Original, relevant content full of keywords for website traffic is regarded as the most important commodity on the internet. It does not matter whether you blog for a big brand, just created your blog yesterday or have been blogging for years, you need content. Content is what drives website traffic. Fresh content keeps not only your visitors coming back but Google too. Content is internet fuel, without it your website is not moving or growing.

Measuring your website traffic is a great way to start to understand how (or if) your online marketing efforts are really paying off. Reviewing your analytics will help you target the best markets for your business, let you know what to continue doing and what to stop doing. Just to make sure we are on the same page analytics are the statistics about your website.

Do you have the right tools?

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