Online Marketing Strategies: The 2015 Mindset Shift for Results


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As we close out each month of 2015 take time to acknowledge where you are in your business with your online marketing strategies. Ask yourself these questions: Did I attract more customers and increase my profits to support my family this month? Did I effectively use online marketing strategies to boost my exposure and visibility? Did I have more independence and freedom to set my own schedule?

If you answered no… Now is the time for change. Now is the time to get the momentum going. Now is the time to write the vision, keep it simple and stick to it. Start each month with an iron-clad plan and F.O.C.U.S.Follow One Course Until Successful.

As we reflect, this is also a time to let go of old ideas that may not be working. Open your mind to new ideas that generate the results you need to make your dreams come true. Let these new ideas influence how you think and take action. So before you start planning, a mindset shift may be in order.

Here are 5 tips for shifting your online marketing strategies mindset from old ways to opportunities that open new doors:

1) Think of blogging as marketingIf you want to get the word out about your business or show your expertise then start blogging. Unfortunately, too many business owners see blogging as a waste of time. Adding blogging as one of your online marketing strategies puts you on the same playing field as major companies.

2) Write about what your target audience wants to readIf you want to attract a steady flow of traffic filled with people who want (and need) to hear your message, speak their language. Write about the topics in your industry your target audience is already using Google (and others) to search for online. Implementing these online marketing strategies as part of a blogging strategy plan will keep you from spinning your wheels.

3) Know 100% what’s working and what’s not with you online marketing strategiesIf you want to know which social media channel is sending the most traffic, how long your website visitors spend reading your blogs (and so much more) look at your numbers. The term “big data” is not just for big companies. You have data (called analytics) that provides key insights that show exactly how people are using your website.

4) Invest in yourself If you want to understand which online marketing strategies are available to enhance and grow your business, find someone you know, like and trust to learn from and provide simple easy to follow training.

5) All marketing is not free With so many changes (especially to Facebook) this year you may have to pay for some online marketing strategies for rapid social media lead generation. The key is to take time to test various forms of advertising across multiple channels use your data to determine results (see #3).

Set the intention to make 2015 the year you work your way out of your full-time job into your dream where your side hustle is your only hustle!

Remember, it all starts with a mindset shift, a plan and action.

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