Social Media Strategy: Revamp Your Online Marketing with These Ideas

social media strategy

Marketing like it’s 1999? Well that was 16 years ago. Its’ time to revamp your social media strategy with these ideas…

Believe it or not social media started on May 5th 2003 with LinkedIn. Though it’s not 1999 the way social media is being used (or not) by solo-entrepreneurs, small business owners and some bloggers.

Yes, you can use it to get connections on LinkedIn, followers on Twitter, friends and likes on Facebook. But using social media as a marketing tool to help your business grow is more than the numbers.

Powerful social media strategy ideas

Use social media for research

You can do some serious research using Twitter’s advanced search feature. Yes, the advanced Twitter search can provide you a gold-mine of information in real-time. Use this social media strategy if you want to know if people are talking about a particular niche, product or service. Need to know what questions people are asking today about your topic? Use the advanced Twitter search. The possibilities include searching:

●     words being used in tweets

●     hashtags which provide groups of tweets around one topic

●     people with specific twitter handles or specific places

 Also check out the advanced search on LinkedIn and Facebook these contain more gold nuggets you can put into action fast.

Use social media to increase visibility

So you have a business Facebook page but may not be sure of all the awesome ways you can leverage it to grow your business. Here’s an idea to get your FB business page out there for all to see without spending any money on the various types of ads…

Use this social media strategy if you want people to know you have a business page. Let them see it! How? Simple, start commenting as your business page instead of using your personal page. Now don’t get me wrong you have to comment with integrity; so make sure your comments are thought-provoking, show your expertise and you are providing useful information. You can also find some other useful tips in my article “Blog Commenting 101: A Crash Course to Maximize Your Time”.

Use social media to network directly with your target audience

Believe it or not LinkedIn has over 250 million professionals using their service. Which means you have a built in audience right at your finger tips. What you may not know is those 250 million people belong to well over 1.8 million different niche LinkedIn groups. Use this social media strategy if you want to establish yourself as a valued member of targeted group. This goal can be achieved by sharing your high value content and asking and responding to questions.

Using LinkedIn discussion groups you can discover thousands of like-minded people who focus on discussing and sharing targeted information. LinkedIn groups are generally the most effective channels for converting leads. These groups range from Art lovers to Zumba and just about everything in between.

If you don’t have enough customers or enough cash from your social media efforts take the action you need to plug the profit holes in your business forever!

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