Outsourcing: The Secret To Getting Tasks Done Fast (Yes, Even While You Sleep)


The countdown is on to get all those tasks you said you were going to do in 2014 done before the New Year. Well listen up “just because it has to be done doesn’t mean you have to do it!” As a solo entrepreneur (or any entrepreneur for that matter) we tend to think it will take too long to explain the task to someone else so I may as well just do it myself. Right?

Well, what I have discovered is explaining a task to someone else forces me to create a plan that’s clear, I mean really clear with detailed steps, examples and timeframes.

There are ways to quickly get things done like, creating video for your website, creating digital images of book or CD covers, creating sales copy, etc. for your business. You know those tasks that make it to the “To Do List” but never make it to the “Done List”? Well, its time to start outsourcing them!

The good news, you can find a ton of websites for outsourcing with freelancers who can get the job done fast even while you sleep. The bad news, there are so many services you may not know where to start or who to trust.  No worries, because when it comes to being savvy online you know I can help. Here are two of my favorite outsourcing websites:

  • Fiverr has dubbed themselves as “The place for people to share things they’re willing to do for $5”. You can use this site to sell services or buy services from others.
  • Elance boast a they have a “ready, willing and qualified workforce of over 303,000 professionals”. You can use this site to find just about any type of worker you need.

Both of these outsourcing services have fantastic protection policies in place. These policies allow you to put your money in escrow, ability to approve or cancel the assignment and to only pay for results. Using these outsourcing services allows you to focus on exactly what needs to be done, get it done an still have the ability to work on other tasks too.

Here are 7 things to discuss when hiring a freelancer:

  1. BID PROPOSAL – what you want created
  2. DELIVERABLE –  exactly what will be delivered
  3. WE GUARANTEE – is there a guarantee?
  4. TURNAROUND – how many business days you expect
  5. UNLIMITED REVISIONS – do you have unlimited or limited (how many?)
  6. REVISIONS TURNAROUND – within what timeframe?
  7. COPYRIGHTS – make copyrights are transferred to you

As you’re thinking about how implement this powerful information in your business, remember you’ve got to take ACTION too. And if you’ve been looking for savvy tools, tips, and strategies then you’ll want to get yourself the Savvy Online Business Building Kit. It includes everything you need to find your target audience online, no-cost tools with proven results and strategies to quickly shift your business forward now. You can grab your complimentary copy at www.SavvyBizBuilder.com.

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