Millions Are Using the Internet To Look for Services Online Just Like Yours


Google Can’t Find Your Business and Neither Can Your Ideal Clients

That’s Why…

You need a Website Marketing Audit with Search Engine Review

Benchmarking where you are now is always a good starting point. Before you start getting into the nitty gritty of what might be wrong with your online marketing strategy, together we look at your online landscape.

The website review is a customized, in-depth analysis of your website. I will take an objective look at your website and provide clear and concise information on how to make your site better for your visitors as well as the search engines. The result is a detailed audit of the business website that identifies where it is leaving leads at the door and money on the table.

I will uncover solutions to nagging problems you’ve had with your website, and provide clearly written recommendations on how to easily fix them today.

What you get with your website audit:

  • First and foremost, you receive answers! Your audit includes answers to your specific questions regarding your website and the problems you have been having  in attracting search engine traffic to it.
  • A written report with a quick action step-by-step plan . We deliver the information to you in the form of a written report. I will be happy to answer any nagging SEO questions you have both in the report and during our phone conversation.
  • Website Review to provide insight on your online foundation.  Conduct a website critique to identify opportunities for better conversion, placement on Google and increased profits.
  • Search engine optimization review for on page opportunities.  The SEO Audit is using my proprietary audit checklist of the backend of your WordPress site to identify issues with missed optimization opportunities..
  • Extensive usability review. People have a major goal to accomplish when visiting your site, whether it be making a purchase, filling out a contact form or signing up for a newsletter. We will document our travels through your site and clue you in to issues visitors may encounter while visiting it.
  • Social Media Review. We will review how you’re currently using social media and what you are doing (or not) and provide suggestions on how to best incorporate Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and other relevant social sites to your website.
  • One hour phone consulting time. During this call we will review your the detailed findings of your audit. This call will teach you what you need to do, why you need to do it and how to get it done!
  • One hour follow up call. This call is about implementing and taking quick action. 30 days after your consulting call we will meet again to discuss questions you uncovered following your plan.


Our Website Audit Process

Although each website audit is typically comprised of the same elements, each website has different audiences to attract and challenges to overcome. That’s why we start with your knowledge first.

We’ll ask you specific questions regarding your target market and your business to better understand your overall goals. Once we are better educated as to what your business is all about and the purpose and goals of your website, our team of experts are unleashed!

Many businesses struggle with the same challenges when confronted with making an investment in online marketing:

  1. Not ready to invest because they don’t have enough clients
  2. Not sure where most of their activity should be online
  3. Have a hard time creating website content
  4. Are not measuring or monitoring their marketing efforts
  5. Don’t know how to provide a good website experience for potential customers
  6. Tired of spinning their wheels but not getting results
  7. Confused about what Google wants or needs to send them traffic
  8. Clueless on how to attract their target audience

It’s time to make sure potential clients can find you on Google!

Never ask, “What do I do next?”, again!

While every site is unique and has its own strengths and weaknesses, some of the items we look at in our site audits include:

  • Recommend plugins for  automation and increase productivity
  • Identify specific areas of improvement with opt-in placement and blog navigation
  • Verify website is measuring conversions and sales
  • Discuss how to make the website social media friendly
  • Recommend functionality for more online visibility and exposure
  • Identify keywords your website is currently getting traffic from now
  • Review website theme and installed plugins for built in functionality to help Google send you traffic
  • Compare your website against that of your competition
  • Verify domain name ownership with length remaining until renewal
  • Review amount of internal page links
  • Identify and discuss website statistic details
  • Review blog content for opportunities for to display your content in search results

How can I help businesses recognize the value of online marketing and become aware of the consequences of not investing in broader marketing strategies?

Often, it takes only minor adjustments to your website to have a positive impact on your bottom line. Learn which website tweaks will provide you with the biggest bang for your buck and stop missing out on highly targeted opportunities leaving money on the table and sales at the door!

If you are ready to invest in your business, schedule an enrollment call today


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Tonya has now become my go-to-girl for all things SEO.  It is fantastic to have a true resource in the SEO arena.

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“Tonya gave me a simple tip that is making a big difference in my company – let people know you have free stuff. I put it on my website, on my handouts and announced it at my speaking engagement. I already had the stuff, but it was a well-kept secret. Since I put in better placement and actually announced that I have this stuff for them, I have increased my website traffic, increased sign-ups for my newsletter list and received great positive feedback for my company in only 48 hours after implementation!”


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