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On Wednesday I had the pleasure of attending the #SmallBizChat hosted by Malinda Emerson affectionately known on Twitter as @SmallBizLady.  #SmallBizChat is a weekly fast-paced talk show on Twitter for Small Business Owners. @SmallBizLady conducts the interview by typing questions to the guest via Twitter. The participants can chime in with additional questions or comments too. You can learn more about upcoming shows and how to participate here.

Anyway, this week’s guest was @RaymonRay a technology evangelist from; ; a former tech consultant; hands on tech expert; frequent speaker including Inc. 500 and SmallBizTrends; a frequent writer of more than 7,000+ blog posts; and is frequently quoted in the media – including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and beyond. The topic for the #SmallBizChat was “How to Improve your Small Business Website”.

This was one of the most active TwitterChat’s I have participated in. The tweets were coming by so fast at times; it was hard to keep up. Little did I know (or had realized) I was so passionate about this topic.

I had written a few articles with tips, tricks, do’s, don’ts and reviews on various ways to grow your website. Here is my collection of articles jam-packed with little known ways to improve your small business website without contacting or paying your webmaster:

  • Checklist to bring more traffic to your blog or website – Are you worried about the economy? Who isn’t! In today’s tough economic times small businesses owners need to find and/or create innovative ways to earn more money. I guess that’s why I am constantly asked “What can I do to drive more traffic to my blog or website?” In an economy that has been so challenging, it’s nice to be reminded there are free and low cost resources available to help grow your business.
  • Is your website ready for the Smartphone faceoff? – Major brands and small business owners are quickly attempting to create a mobile version of their website or blog. And you should too! Here are 3 no charge ways to make your website Smartphone ready.
  • 10 things I HATE about visiting your website – Small business owners don’t waste money and time building a website that emphasizes the bells and whistles. This type of website rarely generates leads or creates new sales because they frustrate and confuse visitors.
  • 3 tools to make your website or blog social media friendly – Want to make it easy for visitors to share your content on Twitter, Facebook, email or one of the many social bookmarking sites?
    Don’t worry if you have not or afraid to jump on the social media bandwagon you do not need a Twitter or Facebook account to use these tools on your website or blog.

Do you want to improve your website? Have a question or a comment? Let me know below.

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