Small Business Online Marketing Help: Aprille Trupiano 67% Increase

Small Business Online Marketing Help - Aprille Trupiano

“Tonya gives you 1000% value for your time and investment with her. What she teaches you and does with/for you alters your business”

There’s nothing more gratifying than opening my inbox to find an email from a client who is extremely excited to talk about and share the results received from working with me. Below you will find the feedback from Aprille Trupiano, International Business Coach for Women Entrepreneurs, Radio Host and CEO of Aprille International Enterprises, LLC.

What small business online marketing problem where you trying to solve?

I came to Tonya for some small business online marketing help for several things:

  1. understanding and using Google Analytics to improve my effectiveness online
  2. understanding the tools of internet marketing that would help my business grow
  3. learning how to use social media to quickly grow my business

How has your small business online marketing changed/improved?

My internet interactions and online activities have streamlined, saving me time, making me more money and making it easier to do!

Can you share specific RESULTS (Ahas!) from Tonya’s small business online marketing help?

Because of Tonya’s small business online marketing help with me and my business, I had a 67% increase in my database list. Not only was it a sizable increase, it was an increase of people INTERESTED buying from me. As a result of using Tonya’s systems and with her guidance, I’m able to shave off about 45% of the time I spend in online marketing activities, which leaves me the time and freedom to do other things – like create the follow up so I can monetize on what she’s shown me.

What have you experienced or gained from working with Tonya?

Working with Tonya – on several occasions – has helped me to run my business waaaaay more efficiently. She’s shown me how to maximize the impact of my social media, track whether my time online is making me money, AND given me the tools to do it all in less time with better results!!

What would you say to someone thinking about working with Tonya?

Run, don’t walk to work with Tonya! Click as fast as you can to register into her programs or work with her 1:1!!! Tonya gives you 1000% value for your time and investment with her. What she teaches you and does with/for you alters your business (and consequently your life) forever, from the minute you say “yes” to working with her.

I’m so grateful for Tonya’s work!

Aprille Trupiano

P.S. I also invited Tonya onto my AM & livestreaming radio show “Business Her Way with Aprille Trupiano” and her interview was the MOST requested for re-broadcast, which I did TWICE! (I don’t typically re-broadcast a show at all so that’s momentous).

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