Small Business Owners: Is Your Marketing Losing Its Mojo?

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On Wednesday, July 06, 2011 President Obama held the first ever Twitter town hall meeting. Using Twitter marks a major milestone in the intersection of social media, technology, and politics. President Obama introduced a new way to reach not only his target audience but those who may be curious about his policies or on the fence with their support. Using Twitter increased his accessibility, and allowed for personal expression (limited to 140 characters) that was seen by everyone following with or without a Twitter account.

What does this have to do with a home based business or small business?


Why is this important to your business?

The same benefits President Obama received your business can too…using Twitter as an online marketing strategy is a cost effective way to reach a larger audience.

Twitter, at 8 years old, is still one of the fastest growing social networks with more than 175 million users. Many home based business and small business owners view Twitter as an indispensible marketing tool. However to some business owners Twitter is nothing more than an overhyped timewaster.

You’ve tinkered around with the notion you might want to use Twitter a bit, sent a tweet about your business – where you had lunch, or maybe even that awesome quote you just heard. So many people are tweeting, why not you?

But then the questions pop up… Why would you want to use Twitter? For what purpose, and where would it get your business? Maybe it’s all a waste of time. Or is it?

Are you maximizing Twitter’s huge potential to boost your marketing mojo? If you answer NO, I’d like to call your attention to these three articles:

1. 5 Stupid Reasons Not To Use Twitter For Business

Many small businesses look at Twitter as just another thing on their “to-do” list. Don’t let one of these 5 stupid reasons for not using Twitter for business keep you from embracing this new media as a way to attract new clients.

2. Social Media Is THE New “Word Of Mouth”

For small business owners with big ideas (and small budgets), social media is THE new ‘word of mouth’. Social media is perfect for business owners looking to use marketing and promotion to expand their business and increase their exposure.

3. Some Things Can’t Wait-5 Reason To Use Twitter Now

The opportunities for a business to create the ultimate word-of-mouth buzz, build brand awareness and sales are plentiful. The easiest way to make your brand thrive is to strategically use “Twitter For Business”.

Still “Don’t get Twitter”? Take charge, download my free report guaranteed to reveal why Twitter is a priceless effective business tool for women owned businesses, entrepreneurs, home based businesses and small business owners. You’ll get answers to the top “I don’t get Twitter” frequently asked questions (FAQ) on how to get greater results using Twitter for business.

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3 Responses to Small Business Owners: Is Your Marketing Losing Its Mojo?

  1. I never thought of social media as the new word of mouth, but I would have to agree. Word of mouth is yet the best marketing strategy.

    Brian, you should check into virtual assistants who specialize in social media marketing. They will turn your to do list into to done list. VAs goal is to assist busy entrepreneurs, like you, with these type of tasks, so that you can focus on delivering your product and/or services to your clients.

    • Hey Brian!

      You may want to move Twitter up on your “To Do” List. If you competition is already there you may be missing a huge opportunity. Plus you never know what you may learn, who you may have access too and the amount of info you could learn in as little as 140 characters. BTW, last year I won an iPad from American Express (YES, THE American Express) just by sending a tweet. How cool is that!?

      The savvy tips, tools and resources I provide can help both genders. I would never want to get you “men” upset. Especially my loyal commenters like you 🙂

      Enjoy you weekend