Small Business Secrets: A New Way To Accept Credit Cards

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Shhhh, there’s small business secrets for accepting credit cards you need to know about because…

“We no longer take cash”.

Those were the words I heard from a flight attendant on a business trip a few weeks ago. The flight attendant was giving the cabin information on the list of cocktails available to purchase.

I’m thinking (but said allowed without noticing), “Huh?! Really, who doesn’t take cash?”

We are 10,000 feet in the air; all WiFi enabled electronic devices are now in airplane mode which means no connection. How will they process a credit card?

To my surprise the flight attendants were equipped with handheld devices to swipe a credit card that immediately returned an authorization number. NICE.

Guess what!?

Did you know you too can accept credit card payments anywhere? There is a new way for businesses to accept credit cards without having a merchant account.


Square is a card reader where you can accept credit card payments on any device with an audio input jack.

You guessed it! This includes your mobile phone.

It works on the iPhone also on the iPad or iPod Touch and on Google Android phones. Square was created by Jack Dorsey. Yes, the same Jack Dorsey who is cofounder of Twitter.

Square allows you to start accepting card payments (and cash too) at anytime from anywhere. Square is different from a merchant account because there are no contracts, no monthly fees, or hidden costs. You don’t even have to pay for the equipment; which is just a small mobile card reader device.

SMALL BUSINESS SECRETS: Square Greens Your Business

With Square there is no paper to store or keep track of for your business or customers.

Using Square you can review track and manage the money you are paid online with their simple, easy to use payments page. All Square transactions; your cash, credit card purchases and credit card payments can be accessed securely from anywhere. You can quickly see how much you’ve made for the day, organized by tax, payment method and tips (if you accept them).  Best of all your data can be downloaded in other programs.

All receipts are sent to your customer’s mobile phone and kept in a well organized view.  You customers can browse photos of every item they purchased, read descriptions, and share the list with others.


If you are ready to get your square (remember it doesn’t cost you a cent to get one) here’s what you need to do:

  1. download the app form iTunes or the Android Market
  2. follow the instruction on the app to create an account


  • You have to be approved to accept credit card payments. You must provide your SSN, DOB and receive a simple background check (same as a merchant account)
  • You have to wait to receive your Square card reader until you are approved
  • You have restrictions on getting your money (due to fraud potential). Limited to the $1000 immediately, $1000 each week then 30 days you get the rest. The Square team is working on ways to increase the limits.

Just like Twitter, Square is the next big thing for small businesses, so get yours now. Are you using Square for your business? Let me know in the comments below.

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5 Responses to Small Business Secrets: A New Way To Accept Credit Cards

  1. Great resource & thanks for sharing Tonya in your e-newsletter today. I recently purchased an Android cellphone so I went to the Market and downloaded the Square App today. The reviews on line about the app are great so I’m looking forward to receiving the reader & utilizing it for my business ventures when we have an exhibitor table space at events & conferences.

  2. It’s definitely HIP to be SQUARE. I’m so going to use this ASAP. I’m a new business and it’s always good to find ways to overcome the obstacles of getting your clients to pay. Thank you for this article!

    Andrea Hancock
    Professional Organizer
    Twitter –> @b_dexterous

  3. The Square…

    Tonya, thank you so much for following me on twitter. It is always a great feeling to find great minded entrepreneurs on-line and @twitter…

    I first heard of the square about two months ago on Youtube, and yes it’s the next big thing; there are many Entrepreneurs out there who make direct sales MLM or not… even @swap-meets across America.

    The words “I don’t Have Cash on Me Bro” are heard and have echoed across markets for many decades till now. Every merchant has a Cell Phone and now every merchant needs a Square. The ability to now process a card from your cell phone with out a cost (I Now Know this thanks to wonderful Tonya)is a sales revolution to be seen. We all know handling cash in today’s economy is expensive, and for small businesses high Merchant Service Fees are like acid. Paypal is a good alternative but the “Square”…I’m Jumping, Dancing and thanking God!

    “Oh Technology; I love the Modern Age,dreamed it as kid–Playing in it as adult”

    —-Robert Bohi—-

    Follow on Twitter @robertbohi

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  4. Tonya, could you perhaps provide some information on whether or not this is available outside of the USA?

    101 – I share your blog with my Startup England page on Facebook…and I have had some questions regarding this. It would be handy to know as a small business?

    Any help would be super!

    • Hey Shelley!

      First I would like to say thanks for sharing my newsletter with your Startup group in England. Second, thanks for your support. According to their website the Square app is currently available only in the 50 US States, including DC. But keep checking back as they continue to roll out more features.