Small Business: Use This To Ditch Paper Business Cards Forever

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Strategic networking is an important part of running your home based or small business. If you are consistent with following up, networking can build relationships with potential clients and referral sources.

In order to network properly you need business cards, right?

Guess what, who said they have to be a physical card?

They don’t! The rules have changed.

Virtual business cards will do the trick.  Ditch the paper business cards forever!

How to create paperless business cards (and it won’t cost a cent)

Use Social Media

Are you still saying I Don’t Get Twitter” or not convinced Twitter is here to stay for business communicating?  Well, think again! Here’s another way Twitter can be used for business and not just tweeting what you had for breakfast. Use twtBizCard to send your contact information in the form of a business card on Twitter. From your Android, iPhone, Blackberry or another other smartphone you can create or edit your business card, view received business cards or send business cards. While reviewing a contact TwitCard you have the option to: call, email, text, view a map or other social media links.  It’s simple, to exchange contact information by adding #twtbizcard to a tweet, that’s it! Check out my TwtBizCard @

Use Your Phone 

To Bump

If you have an Android or an iPhone all you do is “Bump” your phones together to exchange contact information and a whole lot more. The Bump app is true to its name but both phones must have the app installed to work. If you change your contact information, no problem and no need to re-bump. All you do is remotely send your new contact information to anyone you are connected with in Bump by sending them a new message with the updated contact details. Here’s the really cool part any two devices running Bump can bump each other. So that means an Android phone can bump an iPhone.

Honorable mention to Snapdat for creating a mobile contact sharing application that actually looks like a paper business card. Unfortunately I was not able to actually use this app because it’s for the iPhone, I have an Android. With any luck they will have a version for us droid lovers too.

To Scan

Have you ever wondered what to do with all those business cards after networking? Other than adding them to that huge pile you already have. Scanning a stack of cards can be a daunting task so how about scanning them as you get them? The CamCard – Business Card app works on the Android, iPhone and Blackberry. Not only reads your cards but organizing them too. It captures the card image and stores the card content into your contact list.

Would you use an eBusiness Card instead a paper one? Let me know in the comments below.

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8 Responses to Small Business: Use This To Ditch Paper Business Cards Forever

  1. GREAT info! Just checked out two resources listed in your article that I was unaware of and they are awesome. You are a wealth of “techie” knowledge!

  2. OTH: have you seen business cars with QR codes printed on them yet? It’s an excellent way to expand your message on such limited real estate. You’ll need a QR reader app on your smartphone, but it’s free and the newest communications tool.

    You can learn more about this on

  3. Hi Tonya! thanks a lot for the TwtBizCard tip, it looks a really cool thing and I didn’t know of it. I will use it.

    I have used several physical business cards that I love: the – they are practically free if you allow their logo to be printed on the back of the card, which I really don’t mind, and the cards, that are very unique, and extremely beautiful. They are also practically free when you let their logo be on the card. Being the ambassador of those companies don’t bother me, because they are really good at what they do, and they actually give back a lot!

    I personally think that I will always need the paper cards, because my first marketing approach target people I physically meet, and they are technophobic people who do not want to have to do anything with Twitter, so even when I tell them to check me out on my page, they wouldn’t do this. But if I let them have my magnet card, that they stick onto their cash register or refrigerator, I often get an ensuing phone call.

  4. Part of my business is organizing for clients and anything that efficiently reduces paper clutter is of interest. Not all of my clients have Androids of iPhones-yet-but this may encourage them to get them.

    Thanks for sharing all your great ideas.

    All the best,

    Pam Faulkner