Why Social Media Lead Generation is a Big Waste of Time!

Social Media Lead Generation


Answer this question: Is social media lead generation a waste of time?

Social media lead generation is a big fat waste of time! There, I said it. I don’t believe it, however there are tons of business owners who feel this way.  Why? My guess is because they suffer from BSOS.

Do you suffer from BSOS?

Hmmm, what is BSOS?

Don’t worry, this is not something you need to get a doctors appointment to find out. LOL!

Let’s start with understanding exactly what BSOS is? Well it is a common condition better known as Bright Shiny Object Syndrome. This is what happens with side hustlers (people building a business on the side while working a full-time job), small business owners and all types of entrepreneurs trying to keep up with their online marketing without a clear plan.

Want to know how to avoid bright shiny object syndrome when marketing your business?

Remember the overall goal with your marketing efforts is to generate sales. However before you can get sales, you need leads and before you get leads you need targeted traffic to your website.

Believe it or not there are over 500 popular social networks (according to Knowem.com). Trying to use all of them is a trap, especially if you are a solo-entrepreneur, for bright shiny object syndrome. With the constant changes happening (what seems like weekly) on social media it would be impossible to keep up.

As a business owner its up to you to decide how to implement a strategy where you benefit the most from your social media lead generation efforts. Here’s the deal, you only have two choices for lead generation: time and money. You can either pay for leads with money or pay for leads with time. Both options can be achieved using social media as long as you don’t come down with a case of bright shiny object syndrome. But if you do,  you need a remedy or a treatment that cures this condition.

Write this down…Here’s your prescription for social media lead generation bright shiny object syndrome:

  • Gain control of your social media lead generation strategy

Start by understanding which social media channel your target audience hangs out on the most. Every business will be different. Then confirm which social media channel works best for you in terms of driving the most traffic to your website.

  • Stick to the social media lead generation marketing plan

There’s an old saying: If you fail to plan then you plan to fail. Step 1: write down your online marketing plan out the plan. Step 2: stick to the plan with no deviations. Step 3: Give the plan time to work. Be consistent. Keep going no matter what. In fact, work on the plan for 90 days.

  • Monitor your social media lead generation results

The only true way to determine if what you are doing is really working is to monitor the results. Just tracking how many likes you have on Facebook, followers you have on Twitter or connections you have on LinkedIn does not paint a true picture of your online marketing efforts. The secret is learning the ABC’s of driving traffic to your website. 

How ready are you to use social media as an online marketing tool to grow your business?

Starting is hard. But irrelevance [and failure] is even harder. This is why I created a quick-and-easy online quiz to help you gauge where you are and how to start. Take this 5-minute quiz to find out what you need to do next!

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