Is Your Social Media Marketing SMART?

SMART social media marketing

Out of all the BOLD 2014 predictions I’ve read about social media marketing there’s one article, on the Huffington post, that stands out. The article, by Kim Garst, 2014 Social Media Predictions — Hold On, It’s Going to Get Bumpy! 

All five of Kim’s predictions were thought-provoking and insightful, however, number 4 really resonated with me. Kim predicts in number 4 “More Brands are Going to Get Serious About Social”.  Well it’s about time!

Kim also mentioned “an estimated 93 percent of marketers already use social media for business”. She goes on to say “Smart businesses will increasingly realize that it’s not enough to just have a presence on the major social networks.”

My question to you: “Is your social media marketing SMART?”

 SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

 Your social media marketing should be:

Specific enough to attract your target audience.

Measurable so you are monitoring your results.

Attainable yet stretches you past your comfort zone.

Relevant providing information your target audience is already searching for online.

Time-bound to both short-term and long-term goals.

No doubt about it, in this constantly changing social media marketing environment, many still struggle with challenges learning what really counts and how best to work it.

Do you have these social media marketing challenges?

 ● Too many to keep up with?

It would be nice to understand which social media platform is the most effective for your business. In particular, if you believe in posting yourself and not outsourcing this task.

Not sure which one is driving the most opt-ins?

It would be nice to understand where you are getting the most traffic that is growing your list. Mainly if would like to use this information to help you focus and save time.

Google+ still doesn’t make sense?

It would be nice to understand 5 reasons why you can no longer ignore Google+ for business and get 7 quick ways to get started using Google+ to drive traffic. Implementing the strategies in these 2 articles provides a quick way to add Google+ to your social media marketing. Kim’s prediction is “Google Plus FINALLY Hits the Tipping Point” because of its “current active monthly users at 300 million” sure to be “a solid threat to Facebook’s dominance in 2015”.

Only using Facebook because you don’t have time for the others?

It would be nice to understand Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Vine, Pinterest, etc. because these social media sites are also filled with your ideal customers. You could be leaving money on the table.

Can’t figure out which one is sending people to read your content?

It would be nice to understand which blog post your traffic is reading and where they go next. Once you have this information you can determine what content to create more of and how to improve your overall marketing funnel.

It’s a fact: more people find out about your business on Facebook or Twitter than on search engines.  Making these sites work may be tricky for you, especially if you are not sure which social media is working for you or not.

It’s time to make social media less overwhelming and more successful. If you have one or all of these challenges and want to how to make it better, let’s have a quick chat about it on Facebook, join me here. 

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