Social Media Tips and Tricks: Ideas from Super Bowl XLVIII

Super Bowl Social Media Tips and Tricks

Its game day! Super Bowl XLVIII is here. Are you ready?

We are only a few hours away from the big game. And I couldn’t believe the crowd in the grocery store this morning. That place was packed with shoppers grabbing up chicken wings, chips and dips, sodas and just about any other snack food they could get their hands on.

Well even if you are not getting ready to watch the big game the rest of the world is. Can you believe 108.5 million people watched last years Super Bowl?

Don’t think for one minute they were all from the U.S. either.

According to the NFL, FOX’s broadcast will reach 198 countries and territories in more than 25 languages. Media from 24 countries will provide on-site coverage, and more than 100 stations are broadcasting live from Radio Row at the Super Bowl Media Center in New York’s Times Square.

Whether you are watching the game because your favorite team made the cut this year, you love football or not watching at all, social media will have a big impact in today’s soiree.

Super Bowl XLVIII Social Media Tips and Tricks

Here are 3 social media tips and tricks you can implement today:

  1. Use a Twitter hashtag

Since the Super Bowl is more than a game its an experience of course they have their own Twitter account which is @SuperBowl. You can follow all the tweets from their official hashtag #SB48. NOTE: If don’t know what a hashtag is let me know on my Facebook Page. Twitter said there were 24.1 million tweets during Super Bowl XLVII as the Ravens, my favorite team :),  defeated the 49ers on the field.

  1. Use Instagram

No party is complete without pictures, right!? Last year on game day alone, according to Instagram, over three million photos that mentioned Super Bowl-themed words in their captions were shared. At the peak more than 450 photos about the game were posted every second. AMAZING!

  1. Use Pinterest

Still one of the newest kids on the social media block is in full Super Bowl mode too. Using the ideas found on Pinterest you can create and have fun even if your favorite team is not the stars of the game this year.  You can find boards geared to all things Super Bowl: game day recipes, football themed cupcakes, deviled eggs, crackers and so much more.  Honestly I don’t know how people come up with some of these mind blowing these ideas.


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