STOP! Before You Make Those 2011 Business Resolutions Read This (Part 2)

business resolutions

Before we can start celebrating new beginnings let’s take a look at that list of New Year’s business resolutions you created using MindMeister from part 1.  Remember your business resolution has two parts:

1.    Planning – includes both the large and small details needed to successfully accomplish this business goal.

2.    Accountability – helps motivate you to achieve any goal.

Now you have discovered a new small business tool to help with business goal planning. Let me introduce you to a no-cost online tool to help you be accountable and form new habits that will make 2011 your best year ever. But first, you have to break that list down in a way you can commit to do one thing every day that would change your business or life and reach your goal.

Once you have your one goal take a look at this simple tool for ingraining new habits called Habitforge.  You provide Habitforge a goal and desire, and they will send you a customized daily email asking how you did. All you do is simply click “yes” or “no” daily. The good news, succeed for 21 days, and the new action will be easier than ever. The bad news, skip a day and Habitforge will start the clock over at day one.

How’s that for accountability and motivation?

Why 21 days?

According to the experts, it takes 21 days to form a habit. There are 45 days between January 1st and February 14th (Valentine’s Day) enough time for you to form 2 new habits. However I challenge you to commit to ONE goal for 21 straight days. By the time you reach 21 days in a row the action should be second nature. Remember if you skip a day before you reach your goal the clock will automatically reset back to day one.

Good luck!

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