The More You Learn The More You Earn

Smartphones, MP3 Players and iPods you’ve seen them and chances are you have one or two of them yourself.

Have you ever wondered what people are listening too? Guess what, its not always music they could be learning.

Hundreds of thousands of people have discovered the wide range of audio programs now available via podcasts.

Did you know studies show more education leads to bigger paychecks? So basically the more you learn the more you earn.

Yet small business owners routinely do not take full advantage of the many types of learning and training opportunities. These opportunities can range from audio books, special reports, ebooks, teleseminars, webinars and more.

But who has time for training while running a business, right?

What about while you are driving, waiting in line, cleaning the house or at the gym (wait there’s no time for that either!).

How about leveraging your time with audio training products?

It’s up to you to fill in those gaps with tools to get you moving to create that wildly successful business you have been dreaming about.

Now don’t get me wrong I complain about the lack of time too. That’s why my good friend Crystal from Big Bright Bulb surprised me with a gift audio book “The Dip” by Seth Godin using an online service called Audible.

I loved the book and the flexibility from having the audio version.

FYI, Audible has the largest selection of digital audiobooks available with over 60,000 titles that you can listen from your computer, burn to a CD or with iPod and over 500 other devices. Plus they will gift you two FREE books just for trying them out.

With Audible there are no more excuses to start (or continue) learning!

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