The Number 1 Reason To Start Using Twitter Now!

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You know I love to tell you about a new online tool I have discovered. Well for the past two weeks (and a few weeks last year) I told you about Twitter

and a few reasons why you should start using it.

However the number one reason to start using Twitter now is the O-Factor and I don’t mean Obama, the original O, that would be Oprah.  Exactly one week ago today @Oprah started using Twitter. In that short period of time she has over 540,000 followers and believe it or not in the time it has taken me to research and write this post about an hour or two her followers have increased by some 9,000. Who knows how many followers she will have by the time you read this post, click here to check.

And if you don’t believe me about the O-Factory check @emailcopywriter he gives you 4 Urgent Reasons Why Oprah Matters to Your Twitter Marketing on his blog.

I know what you’re thinking, using Twitter would be one more task added to your things to do list, right?

Don’t worry, I will help with that. So stay tuned, I will have an in depth post about Twitter Productivity tools in the coming weeks.

Today’s post is purposely short because I need you to do three things:

1.      Join Twitter – thousands are joining Twitter each day you may not be able to obtain your business or your actually name. Keep in mind you only have 15 characters to work with so act now before its to late:

  • obtain your name
  • obtain your business name

2.      Follow me on Twitter – this one is simple, while you are logged in your Twitter account go to my page and click the follow button that’s it.

3.      Start Tweeting – your favorite quotes, old and new blog posts, links to blogs or articles you enjoyed reading or random thoughts you are having at the moment. What ever you want just start by tweeting something.

Have fun, I am looking forward to tweets.

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