Toktumi Office Phone System

(Pronounced: Talk to me)

Every small business needs a professional phone service, using Toktumi will allow you to “Fake It Until You Make” by
implementing strategy #3Act big on a small budget.

Toktumi makes small businesses look like big businesses with professional office phone service they can set up in minutes. Toktumi turns a small office, or even home office, into a big office with professional business phone services any business person can set up in minutes.

Toktumi is the first company to combine hosted services, PC integration, and regular phones into a powerful office phone solution ideal for homebased businesses and small offices.

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3 Responses to Toktumi Office Phone System

  1. Hi Tonya,

    I’ve been using Toktumi for several months. It is incredible! I just recently downloaded the Line 2 app onto my ipod touch and my ipad. I can now make free cell phone calls using the Toktumi service as well! Did you know Toktumi will be launching a home based business opportunity in September marketing this incredible service?

  2. Tonya:

    I always learn something new with each of your newsletters, usually about some free online tool that can help foster small businesses growth. Thanks for sharing your expertise!