Online Marketing Tips: Top 5 Things To Do To Your Website Before 2015 Ends

top 5 online marketing tips


Just do a Google search you will see articles popping up with online marketing tips and predictions for the coming year. I know, it may be hard to believe but we are a few weeks away from another New Year! Whew, can you believe how fast this year has flown by? You know what they say… “time waits for no one!”  And for me it seems like the older I get the faster the time goes by.

All year long you have been putting off or neglecting your website. Even though, it is the hub for all your business activity and online marketing, most don’t treat it that way. The online marketing tips and predictions for the new year center around nurturing your target audience using your website. This strategy is critical for the future of your online marketing success.

You’ll be surprised to learn you don’t have to wait for the new year or even call your webmaster, get started right NOW!

Don’t know where to start or what to do?

Use these 5 online marketing tips as your road map to prepare your website for the end of 2015:

  1. Update your WordPress (WP) version

If you are not on the most current version of WordPress then you need to do this now! Google loves WordPress and hackers do too!  Don’t believe me? Well, here’s a stat for you: 83% of hacked WordPress blogs are not upgraded. NOTE: Be sure to make a backup of your site first.  This version of WP will provide maintenance and security updates while you sleep!


  1. Update your WordPress plugins

As WP versions changes so does your plugins. You want to keep these plugins current to increase the overall security of your website. Hackers are always looking for vulnerabilities. The updates will also include bug fixes as well as added features and functionality to help optimize your time and productivity.  NOTE: Again, be sure to make a backup of your site first.


  1. Update your WordPress theme

And of course if you are updating your WP version and plugins you ABSOLUTELY must update your theme. Often older versions of a theme may not work properly with the newer version of WP or themes. NOTE: Yup, I’m saying it again, because “stuff” happens (you’ll thank me later!) Be sure to make a backup of your site first.


  1. Use keywords in your blog posts

I know there are tons of blog posts that say SEO is dead. But is it really? No you may not be able to manipulate the search engines with bad content filled with words that don’t add value, like you could years ago. But Google (and the other search engines) still need to know what traffic to send you.  The only way for them to know…you have to tell them! How? By creating relevant, engaging content focused around specific keywords. In fact, out of all the online marketing tips, implementing this one will give you a clear competitive advantage if your competition doesn’t realize keywords are your website’s secret weapon to driving traffic.


  1. Create more blog posts (more content)

I know writing may scare you, but don’t let it! This online marketing tip is the easiest way to increase your visibility and exposure. Consistently adding fresh unique content not only keeps your target audience coming back to your website but Google too. Need a little help with content creation? Read these two blog posts: Content Creation: 5 Time Saving Tips to Create Content Fast and Website Content Tips: How to Create Blog Post That Attract Clients.

If trying to figure this out on your own makes you feel overwhelmed or unclear let’s have a quick chat to see how I can help identify what it REALLY takes to transform your business in 2016 and beyond.

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