Twitter Like A Rock Star

Well, I am not so sure if you can r e a l l y Twitter or “tweet” like a rock star but there are plenty of celebrities using it.

Okay now I have peeked your interest, you want to know the who’s who of the Rock stars using it, right? I will list a few them, then it’s backed to the article. Check out these names @aplusk, @tylerperry, @kanyewest, @britneyspears, @DaveJMatthews, @mchammer, (I know I was wonder where he was too!) and so many more, the list goes on and on.

Don’t be fooled no one can really say if it’s actually the celebrity or a member of their team sending those “tweets” for sure. But for the average user like you and me, our followers know it’s really us behind those 140 character messages.

Just in case you didn’t know, Twitter is one of the fastest growing microblogging tools available. According to an article on the Blog Herald, “Twitter is currently the fastest growing social-networking site, according to the numbers, with a massive growth of 343% when looking back to September last year.”

With those numbers, there is a good chance you’re using Twitter; however if you are new to this form of communication pay attention. Here are 5 of the biggest Twitter newbie faux pas (and how to avoid them):

1.    Treating Twitter like IM
In my opinion it’s not a good idea to use Twitter like an Instant Messenger tool. For your followers there’s no fun in only reading one side of the conversation. It can easily be used just to share information quickly instead.

2.    Ignoring tweets for days
Unfortunately just like anything else sending tweet takes time, a lot of it if you let it. The idea is to use the tool to build relationships. There are tools to automatically send tweets from your blog post or directly from your web browser.

3.    Not retweeting
Retweeting is the highest form of flattery to the twitterholics. Retweeting is described as rebroadcasting a post from someone else to your followers. However only retweet content you find truly interesting and provides value to your followers. There in an art to retweeting with proper syntax and everything, you’ll have to research that one on your own.

4.    Thinking your tweets are private
Twitter does have the ability to “protect my updates” so that only the people you approve can follow your updates. But there are so many third party tools interacting with Twitter you just don’t know where your tweets will show up, who’s reading them or who’s storing them.

5.    Using Twitter to blatantly sell
No one wants to be sold anything so stop trying. If you routinely provide valuable information you won’t need a sales pitch. Remember people buy what they want-not what they need the hard sale is dead.

As a Twitter beginner you don’t want Twitter consuming your life, right? Well, to solve this problem you need to use a Twitter productivity tool, like Tweet Later. Tweet Later lets you easily stay on top of your Twitter activity and gain more free time. With Tweet Later productivity tool you can feed the Twitter frenzy without it becoming an addiction consuming your life.

@YourNameHere, ready to find some tweeple (no I didn’t make that up, I’m not that creative), checkout the twellow pages (nope didn’t make that one up either) or just keep it simple start first by reading the twittionary (I know what you’re thinking, I am not making this stuff up!).

Have fun!

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