Web Sales Made Easy Bootcamp

Attention: home based business owners, women business owners, solo professionals, cupcake bakers, professional organizers and other small business owners…

“In Just 6 Short Weeks You Can Unlock The Profits That Lie Hidden In Your Website… With The       Web Sales Made Easy Bootcamp”

Join  Savvy Online Business Builder Tonya R. Taylor to learn success strategies you need now to transform your website into a sales powerhouse!

To: Small Business Owners

From:  Savvy Online Business Builder Tonya R. Taylor

Did you build your business website like the movie  “Field of Dreams”? Thinking if, I build it they will come? I’m sorry to tell you; just because you built it won’t make them come to visit.

Unfortunately just having a website won’t bring you traffic. Why? Because so many small business owners create their website then walk away thinking they’re done. What they usually create is a static website that’s rarely updated or changed. If you don’t learn anything else from me (but I know you will) I want you to remember this YOUR WEBSITE IS NEVER DONE. Why? Because you have to give them a reason to keep coming back.

Here’s a fact, 95% of people who visit your website the first time will not purchase from you. Unfortunately, you only have 5 to 9 seconds to convince people to stay on your site or give potential customers a reason to come back.

You could be making mistakes that are costing you hundreds of dollars every month, without even knowing it!

With this in mind the type of website you should have that keeps customers coming back is called a dynamic website or some may even refer to it as a blog. With this type of website your content is always kept fresh. Even with fresh content, there are mistakes that could be keeping you from making money online with your website like:

Not regularly communicating with your potential customers.
It could take months to find customers and potential customers but you could lose them in seconds. As a home based business owner, solo entrepreneur or small business owner we all struggle with cost effective ways to market our products and services when we don’t have to.

Not knowing who your business is trying to help.
Don’t say everybody because you have to find your niche. It’s very important to clearly define exactly who you want to reach. Once you define your customer base, ask them what they want (training, how to’s, tutorials, coupons, books, coaching, etc) then give it to them with your products and services.

Not marketing in the right places.
Don’t waste your time running to every networking event. Stop getting a headache because you are frustrated with your marketing efforts that are not generating measurable results. There are pockets of gathering places both online and offline with hungry people waiting for your products and services.

“Tonya’s bootcamp has helped me capitalize on the latest social networking trends and helped me improve my website with tools that she has tested and works with. Each of her modules is filled with practical advice and examples to help illustrate her points. She has shown me the importance of marketing to my ideal audience and create ongoing communication – all aspects of website and web building that I had no idea existed before her class. Tonya knows her audience and she knows how to get them to listen to her. Her classes and coaching gave me the tools I needed to master my marketing to make my business successful and savvy. “

Trini Miguel
Personal trainer/aerobics instructor

No Cost Marketing  Method To Attract More Leads And Make More Money

The one thing you can do right now to start attracting your ideal customers and keep them on your site (that won’t cost you any money) is create valuable content.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert, you can use no-cost content creation strategies as a marketing technique to get more traffic, the right traffic. Use this content as a way to easily position yourself  as an expert  in your industry. Once your traffic starts flowing you will need to know which marketing efforts are generating the best results.

The easiest way to determine results is to monitor and measure your website traffic.  You need to know exactly where the visitors are coming from and what they are reading while there. The numbers will tell you the truth about your marketing.

Shorten The Learning Curve to Success

As Your Savvy Online Business Builder, I’ve mastered how to use my website as a marketing magnet and which tools are needed to get the best results, NOW! I want to teach you what I know. I’ll walk you through my results generating tips, tools and strategies.

Working with Tonya has really set me on fire! I can’t recommend Tonya enough. After taking her class, I was able to properly implement a system to automatically communicate with my prospects and customer from my website. I saw a 200% increase in email signups and my product sales. Due to Tonya’s teaching on social media specifically on how to properly use it to establish my brand, my numbers have doubled in days. And she is always available as a marketing mentor to push you along with the way.
Love working with her.

Shawn Mason Spence – Mother of 5
Comedienne and Author of Funny Is Just Funny

Here’s what we’ll cover in 6 weeks of Web Sales Made Easy Bootcamp:

The bootcamp webinars will establish the right foundation to create a or enhance your online presence.  All training webinars will be held Tuesday’s  at 7pm Eastern.

Session 1


Website Components: What you  absolutely need on your website and what you don’t

Finally you can stop guessing what to include on your website and you won’t believe this but it doesn’t have to be pretty. Small business owners don’t waste money and time building a website that emphasizes the bells and whistles. This type of website rarely generates leads or creates new sales because they frustrate and confuse visitors.

In this class you will learn:

  • 10 things people HATE about visiting your website
  • Little known ways to improve your website without contacting
    or paying your web designer
  • Examples of three different types of websites and why you may
    need them all
  • The exact backend tools I use and why
  • Weekly action guide so you know exactly where to start
  • Checklist to make sure you included all the components
  • Low-cost or no-cost resource list to save you time and money
  • Examples of the missing component that allows you to attract
    your ideal audience
  • Worksheets with filled in examples and blanks for your own use


Session 2


Effective Promotion: The FORTUNE is in
the follow-up

Want an easy way to get your existing customers to buy more? This is the best-kept secret guaranteed to give your online or offline business an unfair advantage over the competition.

In this class you will learn:

  • An easy way to get your existing customers to buy more
  • How to communicate with your potential clients and customers
    while you sleep, work, or play.
  • 11 ideas for how you can automatically follow up with your customers
  • The exact tools I use for all my customer communication
  • Weekly action guide so you know exactly where to start
  • Checklist to make sure you included all the components
  • Low-cost or no-cost resource list to save you time and money
  • Worksheets with filled in examples and blanks for your own use


Session 3


Content is King: Be Recognized As An Industry Authority

Whether you are a beginner or an expert this is some amazingly unparalleled information you need to know. Having the right content can improve your search engine PageRank [a formula developed by Google] which leads to the big kahuna. . . TRAFFIC!

In this class you will learn:

  • Ways to create content fast with easy to use formulas
  • Tools to help brainstorm content ideas
  • How to use video for promotion and profit
  • How you can create videos without ever stepping in front of
    the camera
  • 7 locations you can easily use to distribute your content
  • The exact template I use to write content for my newsletter and blog
  • Low-cost or no-cost resource list to save you time and money
  • Worksheets with filled in examples and blanks for your own use
  • Weekly action guide so you know exactly where to start
  • Checklist to make sure you included all the components


Session 4


Social Media Secrets: How To Be Heard Over the Noise

For small business owners with big ideas (and small budgets), social media is THE new ‘word of mouth’. Social Media is a no-cost solution to increase your marketing and promotion in order to expand business.

In this class you will learn:

  • Five tips to help measure your social networking return on investment
  • What every entrepreneur needs to know about using Linkedin,
    Facebook and Twitter
  • What you need to include on your website to automatically distribute your content on social media sites
  • 50 little known ways to expose your content on Linkedin
  • A list of must have tools to help your social media exposure
  • Checklist to make sure you included all the components
  • Weekly action guide so you know exactly where to focus
  • The 1 website you need to capture your brand across hundreds of social media sites
  • Low-cost or no-cost resource list to save you time and money


Webinar 5


Go Local – Get Found


These days not many people turn to the yellow pages to find information on a business.  So what do they do when they want to find a business, service or any other type of information?  Google it! Do this step to for your business to get found locally on Google Search and Google Maps in days.

In this class you will learn:

  • How to create a free online business page like a yellow page listing only much better (no tech skills required)
  • What you need to make sure your listing is playing by the rules
  • #1 Way to make your listing more discoverable on Google
  • Tips to make your business description stand out from the rest
  • Low-cost or no-cost resource list to save you time and money
  • Checklist to make sure you get your listing to 100%
  • Worksheets with filled in examples and blanks for your own use
  • Weekly action guide so you know exactly what to create


Webinar 6


Results: The Numbers Don’t Lie


Do you want to improve your website and marketing ROI? Easy! Accurately monitor and measure results because the numbers don’t lie.

In this class you will learn:

  • Why Google might not have the best numbers for your traffic
  • Exactly what you should monitor and measure on your website
  • What the numbers are telling you to do next
  • The one no-cost tool you need to get real time tracking numbers
  • A sample of my weekly monitoring report
  • How to automatically receive your stats weekly via email
  • Weekly action guide so you know exactly what to implement
  • What to include in your weekly monitoring checklist
  • Checklist to make sure you included all the components
  • Low-cost or no-cost resource list to save you time and money

When You Register For This LIVE Webinar With Me, You’ll Receive:

16 LIVE Training Sessions with me, Tonya R. Taylor, walking you through my 6-step formula (Calls will be around 60 minutes each.)
2QUESTION & ANSWER TIME bi-weekly where I’ll answer YOUR questions, LIVE!  (Calls will be around 30 minutes each.)
3HANDOUTS AND WORKSHEETS for every call, to help you follow along and best retain what you learn
4MP3 RECORDINGS of all calls you can listen to them over and over on your computer, iPod, or other MP3 player
5PDF SLIDE PRESENTATION when the session is a webinar also so you can read through them again and again, or look up a particular point quickly

You can see I’m doing everything I can to set you up for success! And best of all, this course is available at an affordable price. I’m doing this because I know this topic is CRITICAL for any entrepreneur to master, so I want to make it EASY for you to participate.

When you look at how much your time your are spinning your wheels trying to learn all this stuff on your own, I’m sure you’ll agree that learning all my tools, tips, resources for such a low fee is quite a steal.

Yes, Tonya! I’m ready to learn how to use my website to be more productive, create better promotions and make more profit!I understand with my low investment, I’ll receive the following:The complete 6-part LIVE webinar “Web Sales Made Easy Bootcamp” personally taught by Tonya, where she will share her personal tips, tools, resources, checklist and strategies, so I can use my website like a tool to make money, be more productive and globally promote my business.

  • Q&A Time with Tonya where I can ask my questions about anything covered in the course
  • Downloadable handouts and exercises to use with each call, so I can work along with Tonya’s instruction, and track my progress again and again
  • MP3 recordings of every call
  • PDF version of each presentation from every class for webinars



I am so confident in these bootcamp coaching session I’ve created that I’m willing to bet you this training will show you savvy ways to use your website to get more clients you have never thought about. And I guarantee you’ll see how you can do this even before the course is complete. In fact, you should have this clear realization by the end of the second webinar.

But if you’re not 100% convinced and thrilled after the first session – I want to give you your money back. If for any reason”Web Sales Made Easy Bootcamp” doesn’t meet your expectations after the first session, just email or call my support team to cancel before the start of the 2nd class. No reason needed.

And that’s my promise!

Tonya R. Taylor
Your Savvy Online Business Builder