Website Content Tips: How to Create Blog Post That Attract Clients

5 website content tips

I’m sure you have heard the Real Estate Agent’s mantra: location, location, location, right? It is the number one rule in purchasing real estate, its all about the location. Well in online marketing we have a mantra too! Content, content, content! This is the number one rule for using your website for savvy online marketing that will get you found online, drive traffic to your website and boost your sales from an amazing steady flow of traffic. Unfortunately this strategy is often overlooked for its value and importance.

Of course you know you need to create content consistently for your website or blog to grow. In fact, the number one goal is to fill your website with information (blog posts) people want to read and share. However sometimes you don’t know how or where to start or may feel like you need to improve your blog posts.

Well, get ready because I’m about to give you five website content tips (you probably haven’t heard before) so you can get closer to achieving your website content writing goals of filling your blog with more content.

5 website content tips to create blog post that attract clients:

Tip 1: Create a bold blog title people want click

Its important to use titles that grab the attention of your target audience. The title should provide the reader with a compelling reason to want to find out more about what you have written. I tell my clients this all the time, if you don’t grab them with the title they won’t read your blog post. Think of your title like a headline on a newspaper, the cover story on a magazine or the teaser they use to get you to tune in to a TV show. You have to grab their attention fast to get them interested in the content.

Tip 2: Use a blog post length that keeps their interest

You may be wondering if size does mater, well in writing content for your blog it does. Before I explain, let me be clear, the quality of your website content is equally as important. As you write remember this website content tip: you are not creating a term paper or dissertation. Keep your blog post simple; using bullets and short sentences which makes for an easier read.

Tip 3: Add links in your blog post

Use your blog post to indirectly promote other blogs you have written. The website content tip encourages you to add links to other blog post that are related to the current topic. The content on your blog should not be standalone blog post. This is your chance to string together content without blatantly looking like that’s what you are doing.

Tip 4: Focus your blog post on specific keywords

Creating a blog post without focusing on a specific keyword or set of words is like just throwing spaghetti on the and waiting to see what sticks. The keywords you use in your blog post tells Google which traffic to send you. That’s right! People are searching on Google every minute for something; products, services and information. Google looks for website content that matches what they are searching for online. It will be hard for your target audience (filled with ideal clients) to find you without writing focused blog posts around a topic or keywords.

Tip 5: Use a compelling image in your blog post

A picture is worth a thousand words. It has been proven, adding pictures to your blog post and social media post increase clicks. The right image in your website content can motivate people to click on the link to read more. The key is to use an image to help tell the story about what you have written.

Finally you have found a few simple website content tips that will easily enhance your blog post writing. Best of all these tips will help you attract clients who are actively searching for your products or services.


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